Food and Frenzy, Served Up At Cabo Grande

By: India Wilkerson

Cabo Grande- Ft. Worth

Tucked away in downtown Ft. Worth is a little Mexican restaurant called Cabo Grande. Entering the building, you will be encompassed with a warm atmosphere mixed with Latin beats.

Inside Cabo Grande

On our first adventure during our first E·A·T·S journey, we decided to take along one of our best friends, *’Professor Gaston.’ (she isn’t a real professor, we just made that up in high school and it kind of stuck with her lol) Together, we ordered a ton of food. (Literally, we ate soooo much food, we probably should have been wheeled out of there and taken to our cars.)

As we sat down, we were greeted by our first server who promptly asked us if we were all sisters, (you know, cause all black people look alike right? lol) We all laughed and fellow Christa replied, “Yeah something like that.” (lol)  Back to the food, our second “waitress” came out and we started with habanero alligator and buffalo wings served with cilantro ranch. The habanero alligator was actually quite surprising. It was sweet, yet SPICY! So spicy, our friend Jasmine nearly had a *baby hearty. The wings were delicious and the cilantro ranch elevated them to near perfection. *Amaze to say the least!

Buffalo Wings Habanero Alligator



Trying not to get too full of our appetizers, we moved on to our main courses. We all shared chicken lettuce wraps, lobster enchiladas and chicken pasta. The lettuce wraps were yummy! They came with this delicious “slaw” that had our whole table wanting more. Even though Christa was skeptical of ordering the lobster enchiladas, they turned out to be pretty good. There were actual pieces of lobster meat (real at that) and the meal cost a mere $12! Considering Christa doesn’t eat beans (cause she doesn’t like to toot lol) she ordered double rice instead. She describes the Cuban rice as fluffy and full of flavor. Jasmine had the chicken pasta (by request of our first waitress) and loved it! It was a nice size portion pasta that was topped with queso fresco and grilled chicken. (We would like to describe the sauce as a creamy tomato sauce) The toasted bread on the side was her favorite though. The fluffy delight was buttered to perfection. Jasmine is a sucker for a nice piece of bread. 🙂

Lettuce Wraps securedownload-13 image-6

Of course after having a nice dinner, you want to have something sweet to finish it off. This is where things went left and Cabo got us messed up at. *insert annoyed face* IF YOU WANT TO BE A GOOD SERVER, LEARN THE MENU. So, to summarize my near death experience, we wanted to order the white chocolate bread pudding, but I am HIGHLY allergic to nuts. So before we ordered, I asked our “waitress” AT LEAST 10 times, if the dessert had nuts in it. She first told me no, then we asked to look at it and she said, “It is not on the menu.”…..okaaaaay…(so riddle me this, where did we get that from?) So after that foolishness, she brought me over a dessert tray that had the bread pudding on it and had me look at it (as if I was Superman and could see through the bread pudding and decipher its ingredients.) So….I asked again, and she told me she would go ask someone. So she went and found some random man (I can’t confirm or deny if he even worked there) and asked him if it had nuts in it. He told her, “No, it doesn’t.” So she came back to our table and assured me that the bread pudding would be nut free. A little while later, our dessert came to the table and looked and smelled delicious.

We were all excited to try this treat for the first time. Me being the sacrificial lamb, I decided to take the first bite, and there it was…NUTS! I was FURIOUS to say the least. I feel like satan took his hand and wrapped it around my throat, because it was burning and suddenly became hard for me to breathe. After a couple glasses of water and nearly an epipen later, our “waitress” finally returned from Neverland and figured out I was almost to my near death. Feeling no remorse, she asked if we wanted another dessert. We cringed at the thought, but ordered the tres leches cake.

Our waitress finally returned with our second dessert. Tossing up a quick prayer and hoping I wasn’t going to die, I took another bite. The cake was actually very delicious, but was hard to enjoy considering my current state. Thinking it couldn’t get any worse, we decided to talk to the manager about the situation. That clearly turned out to be a joke, because he seemed like caring was that furthest thing from his mind.

So to sum it up, Cabo Grande was great until the mishap that could have gone really bad. Any establishment serving food should be more aware of their customers and their needs. Things could have gotten bad, and they showed no remorse as well as taking NO responsibility. Other than that, our entrees and appetizers were great, but Cabo won’t be getting another dime of our money.


The “dictionary” for the not so common words we commonly say. 🙂

*Professor Gaston: A nickname for our friend Jasmine. The proper form of Professor Gassy.

*baby hearty: A baby heart attack. Something else we made up and say often lol

*amaze: far beyond amazing.


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