Baby Sharks and Lamb Lollipops

By Christa Cartwright and India Wilkerson

If you are reading this we assume you are a very smart person and have decided to continue on this eating journey of ours. We thank you and hope you enjoy this second installment of our blog.

Our second adventure leads us to Si Tapas in Dallas.


Hidden away in this quiet residential area is this cute Spanish style cafe with some of the most amazing food we have ever eaten. We decided to be adventurous this time and try something new. Si Tapas has a wide variety of food from chorizo and queso platters to paella. The only problem is finding out what to eat first. Considering we are at a Spanish restaurant, it is a must that we start dinner off with a nice large pitcher of Sangria.  After the first glass of the sweet drink, we could already tell we were in for a treat.


Before we even got to the restaurant we looked at the menu online and we knew we had to try the cazon en adobo (marinated baby shark)…..I know it sounds crazy but it definitely was worth it. So the next step was to pick the rest of the meal. We told our waiter Camilo (who was not only nice,but easy on the eyes) that we wanted our dishes to be staggered so we can focus on certain things at a time. The first three items were the baby shark,chorizo and chicken marinated in beer sauce.


As we took the first bite, we quickly heard the reminiscent sound of  the camp song, ‘baby shark do do do do do do’ playing steadily throughout our minds. I’m shuttering just thinking about it actually, but it was unarguably delicious! Shark is best described as if a chicken and fish decided they wanted to have a baby together. It was so light and airy with each bite. India  made it a point to order the chorizo because it was one of her favorites while living abroad in Spain. We asked Camilo for the spiciest chorizo they had and he brought it to us. We gobbled the sausage up with our complimentary bread, and realized it wasn’t as spicy as we had imagined. We started to eat it by itself and soon received the bold heat from the meat. Crazy huh? The tastes were literally night and day.

The next dish was the chicken marinated in beer sauce. This dish was not only flavorful, but the chicken was cooked to perfection,so tender and juicy. There were capers and a hint of sage that balanced the dish out. The best part was sopping the sauce up with the bread.While waiting for round two we continued to drink more and more of that lovely Sangria.

The last three things we ordered were littleneck clams, grilled lamb chops and seared tuna. The littlenecks came out by themselves, which was a great choice on Camilos part because they did shine on their own. These juicy mollusks were swimming in a bath of garlic wine sauce which was pure perfection. We also received the seared tuna which was crusted with four styles of pepper and then quickly seared and drizzled with a little bit of olive oil.



The real star of the meal was the lambchops. If I could give it an award it would receive a golden globe, an oscar, and a michelin star….and that was just from the first bite! They were cooked to a wonderful medium rare and were simply seasoned, leaving the meat to shine on its own. *P.S., Sorry for not having a picture of the tasty treat, the ones we took didn’t save. Waaaah 😥


It was a sad moment when we finally finished our pitcher of Sangria…#RIPSangria. We  went back and forth whether or not to get dessert but we finally decided on the oranges and strawberries with a grand marnier sauce served with (drum roll please) black pepper ice cream. This was a nice ending to a fantastic meal. The ice cream was different but delicious. I dont know what I thought black pepper ice cream would taste like, but I liked it. Would I get it from the store? Probably not, but the fruit complimented it so well toning down the potent flavor from the ice cream. The grand marnier sauce was also delicious and hit the spot.


Overall, the experience at Si Tapas was amazing, and this definitely has been dubbed as one of my new favorite spots. It is a great place for a family dinner or just a nice dinner with friends. [I plan on taking my future boo and I am currently taking applications ;)] The atmosphere here was wonderful as well. The area is beautiful, and there is a park across the street just in case you were wanting to run off your meal after…..I’m just kidding that is not even an option.  #fattiesforlife.

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