Fail At Fadi’s :(

So judging by the title, you can tell this is going to be a short review. *inserts serious face*

Fadi's Restuaraunt

FADI’S, FADI’S, FADI’S……..all we can do is shake our head. Things went left from the moment we stepped through the door. When we first arrived, we stood there in shock for about 5-7.3 minutes because we were expecting a restaurant where we would be able to sit down and and actually order from a menu. Instead, at Fadi’s it is more of a buffet style where you choose what kind of meal you want and them go down the row choosing which foods you want along the way.


We decided on the sampler, which has  a variety of Mediterranean foods. The plate consisted of humus,tobouli, cucuous, roasted cauliflower, pasta salad,  greek salad, and chicken. Not included in our meal, we added on a lamb shank, a spinach pie and a meat pie. Visually the meal looked pretty amazing, yet we were a little nervous to dig in. But of course, foodies never pass on a meal, so we decided to give it a try.

Fadi's food image-10

First on the taste test menu were the salads. Each of the salads were different than the other, but equally delicious. The coucuous was a little different because it had pineapple in it which added a nice bit of sweetness to it. The salads were good, but you can’t really mess up salads; and if you are a Mediterranean restaurant, you should know how to make a greek salad….but thats my opinion.


The chicken was probably the best part. It was cooked in a light oil with a hint of mustard and spices. It was so tender and juicy, India mainly focused on it during the whole meal.


The lamb shank was pretty good as well,it was slow roasted and tender as it should be. Christa was fixed on gobbling this up the whole night.

Lamb Shank at Fadi's


The meat pies were COLD. I could barely even swallow my bite of the spinach pie because it was sooo cold! I mean, likes having cold spinach (that is supposed to be hot) in their mouths?! *yuck* Christa and I came to a consensus that the other one tasted like a hot pocket. lol *clearly you tell we are fatties at heart* 🙂 They do look yummy though! That is actually what drew us in to getting them.

Fadi's meat pies


*Disclaimer* We are not here to bash anyone,we are just giving our opinion on our experience.

Overall, the chicken and lamb was pretty good, but we had an entire plate full of under-seasoned and cold food. All of the vegetables were cold, and it was not enjoyable at all. We were pretty excited about the spinach and meat pies, buuuuut again… cold and under-seasoned. The food would have been better if the salads and dips were on a separate plate than the hot food. That simple thing could have keep all the foods at their proper temperatures.

I personally think that international foods should be made fresh to order not served in a buffet style. Give us an experience! We like to feel the culture, the atmosphere of the cuisine and then the delicious food will be an added bonus. The food needs to be hot and fresh to be appreciated. Going by this experience we probably won’t be returning to Fadi’s for round two.



*If you decided to make a visit  or have been to Fadi’s, tell us how your experience goes in the comments below!*

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