Pizza Parties Cane Russo Style

Long time no see huh? Well we have been busy getting our eat on.

photo 2

Sooo we gave in and decided to follow the pizza bus off to Cane Russo. We went to the Ft. Worth location to step outside of our unintentional routine of visiting Dallas restaurants. The area is quiet and the restaurant is the perfect size. Walking inside, we were filled with the delicious aroma of one of our most favorite treats….carbs! JK PIZZA! 🙂

image-36 image-37


If you have never had Neapolitan style pizza, you are really missing out because it is a treat. We went on a Monday, which unannounced to us is B.Y.O.B at the restaurant. Of course we felt left out with our lonely glasses of water. 😦 The menu is not very large but it can be described as simple food done right.

photo 1

The fried artichoke with a Calabrian chile aioli was a great start to the meal. I have never seen a pink colored aioli, but it really complimented the artichoke, which was lightly breaded and then deep fried. (Fried: One of our favorite f-words….food being our second.) 😉

image-34 image-35

Instead of getting two pizzas, we decided to deny our inner fat kid and get one and share it. The Vegetale was the winner in this pizza party fight. Before we continue lets take a moment of silence so I can reminisce on how delightful the crust was.

photo 3


Okay, now that the moment is over, lets get back to the food. The pizza is cooked in a brick oven which is always a good thing in my book. You can never go wrong with the food being cooked near an open flame. The Vegetale pizza had house made mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, roasted grape tomatoes, san marzanos, basil, rapine and sea salt. *Anyone who makes their own mozzarella gets in A+ with a sticker in my book.* (you know back in the day, an A+ and a sticker meant you pretty much had made it)


*Now be not confused, even though we chose to eat the veggie pizza, we likes our meat and meat on meat dishes. lol* 🙂

We literally devoured that pizza in milliseconds, and if there wasn’t so many people in there, we for sure would have licked the pan. Neapolitan pizza is sooo yummy and reminds me of eating pizza across the pond a couple summers ago. So fresh, delicious and light, all wrapped into one. PERFECTION.

photo 2

Now off to dessert!

We chose to order the Zeppole. A Zeppole is a Italian style donut, that is handmade, fried then tipped with powdered sugar. Now you all know about my near death experience and how I am allergic to most nuts, minus peanuts that is. Anywho, we asked our waitress if the Tiramisu had nuts in it, because that was our first choice. She told us to stick with the Zeppoles cause it would be safer.

image-31 image-30

They came to the table nice and hot with a side of that “chocolate sauce.” I took a bite and what was next? An unfamiliar feeling….a little fuzzy…a little queasy…a burning sensation… I thought I was off to heaven actually. I knew something wasn’t right, but I tried to calm myself before freaking out. We ended up having to leave because I was in so much pain. It turns out, I was having a bad allergic reaction, my face swelled up AND I had a rash all over my skin and face.

Ft. Worth….do you not like us? I mean, this is the second time this has happened in the Ft. Worth area to me. 

I just want restaurants to take people seriously when they say that they have allergies to things. This was the worst reaction I have had ever and by far the most painful.

*Disclaimer* We are not trying to bash people or restaurants. We loved the pizza, things just ended up bad with the zepolli fiasco. 

Overall, the pizza gets a perfect score across the board. We loved it! The dessert gets a D….for dang near going to the hospital…. *serious face* If you aren’t allergic to nuts, Christa recommends that you try them because she enjoyed them.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 9.04.20 PM



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