Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen


Sooooooo we possibly found a restaurant to cheat on Pho 95 with. 😕



We stumbled upon Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen when leaving a event with the Southwest Bloggers Society at the Kendra Scott jewelry store in the uptown area of Dallas.


Dying from hunger, we stumbled inside looking for the nearest menu.


image-66 image-65 image-67

*We had not eaten all day, so we were literally two seconds away from passing out. *

Our fast and friendly waiter came to the table and asked us what we would like to start the night off with. Alcohol, duh! *insert liquor emoji*

image-56 image-48

We ordered the lemongrass fizz and a bourbon smash to put a little pep into our step.



The waiter brought out the restaurant’s version of “bread and butter” which is called “nam prik.” A sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves with a side of chile paste and vegetables.


Personally, we could have just waited for our entrees to come….but anywho..

We then ordered the samosas which were delicious! The yummy breaded goodness was filled with a spicy beef, garlic and ginger medley. It was simply heavenly. (We wish we could have more than three) It came with a dipping sauce made with cilantro and yogurt.


Entrees came shortly after and this is where our love affair began.


I had the Ga Xao Sa. Otherwise known as lemongrass chicken. It was a chicken breast seared in a wok with green onions, carrots, lemon-grass caramel sauce, a couple of cherry tomatoes and jasmine rice flat noodles and sliced ginger. I also added a ton of their house made Siracha cause I love some heat to my meal. 😉


Christa had the Pad Woosen, also known as the stir fry glass noodles. They had chicken breast, garlic, cilantro, tomatoes and the glass noodles of course.


We gobbled that up to say the least.

We were amazed at the deliciousness we had just devoured. I mean could it be? A restaurant we love just as much as Pho 95 in Arlington? Say it isn’t so!

Overall the food was AMAZE! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and meals. We still don’t know which place we love better….maybe we will have to try them both again to make a better decision…right? lol





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