This week we went to Toulouse and it left us a little hungry….#tengomuchohambre

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We didn’t know this visit to Toulouse would take us on a flash back to one of those many meals abroad. In most other countries, especially in Europe, I am used to smaller portions because that is typical of meals abroad. But we are in ‘Merica, the land of all things big and bigger. Sooo where ‘da’ food at?

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Let’s get to the EATS!


Walking into the restaurant felt somewhat nostalgic. If you have been abroad to France, the atmosphere and decor will instantly take you back to cruising the streets with some local Parisians. Toulouse did an awesome job with the look and feel of the restaurant for sure. The only thing that threw us off was the music. I kind of felt like we roaming Bourbon Street and some one should have cued me to do that thing you have to do to get some beads… It was confusing to say the least.

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We started the night with the Asian style ahi tuna tartare. It was freaking delicious and by far the BEST we have had! It came with toasted sesame seeds, scallions, jalapeno-avocado mousse and crispy wontons.  If you make a stop into Toulouse, you must try this!!

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Christa decided that she wanted to turn up a bit so she ordered a bellini AND a glass of red wine. I stuck with water. #caloriecounter 😉

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Entrees came shortly after and on the menu for me was the grilled scottish salmon which came with a fennel soubise, fresh marinated artichokes, olives, tomato confit and fresh herbs. It was delicious, but I could have had another portion for sure. lol

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Christa had the braised short ribs which were served over a shallot marmalade, carrot baton, trumpet mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, green beans & natural jus. The short ribs were very tender and the marmalade had a hint of sweetness which balanced the dish perfectly. The fingerling potatoes were very creamy, and the veggies were fresh and crisp. Although very tender, the short ribs came out a little room temperature, but she dealt with it because there was eating to be done. She sprinkled some black pepper on the whole dish and finished eating all that her little heart desired. Christa didn’t finish her plate because she was not very hungry, but claims the leftovers made a great sandwich the next day.

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Toulouse was very good overall, but the portion sizes were not what we are use to, especially for how much we paid. The food had great flavor and was fresh, so we assume they use local products. Well that’s what we told ourselves to explain why we paid so much for our food.


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