Gone Fishing Down At Pier247

So originally we were going to go to a barbecue restaurant, but India had one slab too many last week…soooo we decided to go the seafood route instead.


One of my regulars at the restaurant I work at suggested Pier247 based on the Ahi Tuna burger they had, so I knew we had to go there. It was also a great sign when I ran into one of my old co-workers and found out she works at Pier247 now and she also suggested we go there because the food was great.  Pier247 is located near the Bishop Arts District in Dallas,it has a great atmosphere and even better food.

image-81 image-80 photo-15

Let’s get to the eats!

The menu had a lot of different things to offer, and my friend suggested that we start with the calamari or crab cakes for an appetizer. We took her suggestion and got the crab cakes. I work at a very popular seafood restaurant, so I find myself comparing every other restaurant’s food to my job. The crab cakes were pan seared and topped with a mango salsa and served alongside with a spicy remoulade sauce. The crab cakes were very “bread-y” There was more filling than actual crab. They were filled with jalepeños, onions, and bread crumbs….lots of bread crumbs. The sauce was verrrry good, and we loved the mango salsa that was on top of it.

image-72 image-73

For dinner, I had the grilled Red Snapper that was topped with a creamy  crawfish sauce and served with a side of asparagus and their “smashed potatoes.” In all honesty, my favorite part of the dish was the potatoes. Being a carb lover, I have eaten many potato dishes, but this one takes the cake!! They were creamy and seasoned to perfection. I think Jesus made have come down and made these himself actually. Let me get back to the main dish…. the grilled snapper was a little bit over cooked, but the sauce was very good. It was not too heavy and had just the right amount of seasoning. The asparagus was cooked properly too and had a great crunch yet was very flavorful…but those potatoes made my day!!!!


India had the pan-seared mahi-mahi that was topped with a house-made creamy creole shrimp with a mango pico de gallo and dirty rice. She also had a side of asparagus that she thought was delicious as well! Shockingly, it was her first time having mahi-mahi, but she loved it. It was cooked perfectly and seasoned blissfully. *cue angels singing*


Upon my friend’s suggestion we had to get the shrimp and bacon man n’ cheese. That was a great dish in itself. I’m glad we got it as a side though and not as an entree. It was creamy, but not heavy and dense like how a lot of mac n’ cheese is made. It had a mix of gruyere and parmesan cheese in it with fresh minced bacon and sautéed shrimp.

image-74 image-76

Pier247 has been around since January of this year and has already made a name for themselves. The food is delicious and the restaurant is very nice. I definitely need to go back and attack that Ahi Tuna burger full force.  They also have a nice happy hour menu as well that we plan on checking out.

image-79 image-78
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