Holiday Treats and Eats Part One

Hello fellow food lovers! This holiday season we decided to do something different and feature some holiday themed treats for our new segment of Taste Test Tuesday! YAYYY!


This week, we made a stop to Target and picked up a few treats. Below, you can read along and see what we decided to try! Happy Eating!!



  1. Pretzel Crisps (Dark Chocolate and Mediterranean Sea Salt Crunch)

image-87  image-98

These were the first treats that we decided to try (mostly for the sea salt aspect.) These pretzels were pretty delicious! The fact that the pretzels were thin and not your typical thick ones were genius. The amount of chocolate that coated the pretzel was a great amount.


It actually was mostly heavy on one side and then sprinkled with the perfect amount of sea salt to tie it all together. Definitely a must try!

2. Naturally Flavored Hot Toddy Chocolate Covered Peanuts


Meeeeeeh…We we don’t know how to feel about these. It’s not like they were nasty or anything, we just couldn’t get our palettes wrapped around the flavor I think they were trying to represent. I think it is mainly because when you bite into it and chew, the flavors seem to morph along the way. They weren’t bad though, just not our favorite… and not our least favorite. Christa insists that they tasted like peanut brittle, but I honestly don’t know where she got that from. lol We would love to hear what you think if you have tried these, so leave your comments below.

3. Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gourmet Mini Bark


Now this was a tasty treat! This literally melted in our mouths after the first bite. We were however expecting to have actual physical peanut butter inside of the mini bark, so not seeing this slightly disappointed us.


But honestly, the creamy texture and impeccable flavor made this bark a favorite in our eyes!

4. Mrs. Field’s Salted Caramels


Definitely nothing special about these. They were however very soft, which we liked. Another critique would be the lack of actual “saltiness” in the “salted caramel.”


They definitely had to have used one salt grain per batch…literally.

5. Jelly Belly Christmas Mix


Lastly, to break up our chocolate frenzy, we decided to get something with a more fruity flavor and you can never go wrong with a good old Jelly Belly right? This box featured 4 flavors for the holiday which included: Coconut, Very Cherry, Green Apple, and Strawberry. Not very “Christmas-y” in our opinion, so there wasn’t anything really special about them.


Not our cup of tea, but if you like jelly beans, I am sure you will enjoy them!

Well friends, that is it for our first installment of our Holiday Treats Adventure, we hope you have enjoyed and will stay on the look out for the next stop on the EATS train!



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