Holiday Treats And Eats Part Two

We’re back!!!! Welcome to part two of “Holiday Eats and Treats”, we hope you enjoyed last weeks blog, because this one will be even better.


Holiday snacks are hard to find when you are hungry and have not eaten all day. That is what we experienced today while looking for our next treats, everything looked way too good not to pass up. Only if there was a way we could eat as many snacks as we want without the guilt or weight gain. A girl can dream though right???


Enough dreaming lets get to the Eats!!!


  1. Macaroons


Who doesn’t love a good Macaron??? The light and crisp french treat is always a favorite at the E•A•T•S headquarters. These Macaroons in particular were a variety pack we found at Trader Joe’s. The flavors were chocolate peppermint, chocolate raspberry,  four spice caramel, pear cinnamon, gingerbread and cappuccino.


Honestly these Macaroons were not our favorite. We have had better, but what should we expect from a box in the freezer section. They weren’t all bad, we definitely had some favorites…well there was one we liked. The chocolate raspberry one was delicious. The chocolate in the middle was a great surprise to the Macaron. It was the best part, it actually made me smile, but that usually happens when I eat anything with chocolate in it.  If we talk about our favorite we have to talk about the one we hated. The Pear cinnamon was not only bad on flavor but texture. The filling tasted as if they smashed a pear flavored jelly bean and put it on a cinnamon wafer. I’m still scrapping that foul taste out of  my mouth.

  1. Dark Chocolate covered Peppermint Joe Joe’s


Now this was a treat!!!!!!! Im not sure who made these, but Jesus may have had a hand in baking them for sure. Do yall remember when the girl scouts would come knock on your door trying to sell thin mints? Well tell Susie and Becky you will not be purchasing anymore of their products because these  cookies were on point!!! Imagine thin mints for adults with an even better after taste. They were the right texture and had the perfect amount of chocolate covering the cookie. I could eat the entire box, and not feel one bit of shame….remember this is a judge free zone.

  1. Dark Chocolate filled with Speculoos Cookie Spread


If you have not tried Speculoos  please get out  from the rock you currently reside under and change your life. This lovely treat kicks peanut butter’s butt without even trying.  This  yummy  little treat we picked up was filled in a dark chocolate candy bar just waiting to be devoured. Devoured is exactly what we did, I wish I would have savored that last bite, because it was awesome!

Well we are on the way  back to Trader Joe’s to ask for a refund on those nasty Macarons, and to get some more  of those tasty Chocolate covered Peppermint Joe Joe’s.  Until next time foodies!!!


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