New Year E•A•T•S: Featuring Olives

Welcome to the first E•A•T•S blog of 2015!!


We wanted to kick off the new year by trying out a new restaurant in the DFW area. After weeks of searching and hours of stress eating, we stumbled upon this cute Mediterranean restaurant by the name of Olives in Arlington.

image-120 image-121

Lets Get To The Eats!!!


If you remember from our previous blog (Fadi’s) we didn’t have much success with Mediterranean food. But we went to Olives with hope and empty stomach.


Let’s first start off with the super chic decor! We couldn’t get enough.

image-125 image-124


The menu consisted of your typical Mediterranean food like gyros, falafels and baklava.

I chose to get the beef souvlaki which was delicious.


The meat was seasoned perfectly.


I wish it was cooked more on the medium side versus well done, but it wasn’t too tough.


I know this sounds basic but my favorite was the basmati rice with saffron. I enjoyed that more than the meat. Overall, it wasn’t a bad dish and was fairly priced, so I was pleased.

India decided to switch up from getting the usual and decided to try their chicken potato salad sandwich on pita bread.


It was okay, not particularly her favorite. After eating some of it, she wished she would have opted for a warmer sandwich choice. The fries were delish though! But you should never get fries wrong when making them. lol

Overall, it was a good experience. The waitress we had was also very attentive and kind the whole time we were there. Thanks Olives for a yummy experience!


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