Perfect Remedy for Southern Cuisine

Located in of our favorite areas “Lower Greenville” in Dallas, is the restaurant Remedy. This place makes for the perfect intimate date night with your boo.


The ambiance inside of the restaurant makes you feel like you have escaped to a secret hideaway. This place literally was perf, it gave us an upscale chic feel while being in a chill and comfy environment.


Checking out the menu, there were a few things that spoke directly to our inner fatties and we responded accordingly. 😉

*insert fat kid with noodles on face* 🙂

I decided on the Amish Fried Chicken and Christa got the Shrimp and Grits.

We started the dinner of with of course some appetizers. We settled on the deviled eggs. The downer was that they came with 3. *insert serious face* I mean, they definitely could have given us at least 10, but we won’t dwell on that. They were tasty and fresh nonetheless.


The Amish Chicken… my my. You know Christa and I consider ourselves chicken connoisseurs, and this chicken made us want to slap the closest person to us. THIS CHICKEN WAS AMAZING!!



So flavorful and crispy and the gravy….Lord don’t let me get started on the gravy….IT WAS IMPECCABLE, and drowned those creamy mashed potatoes to perfection. WHEW…I’m getting all excited just thinking about that all over again. 10 STARS TIMES 10 it was that yummy!




While India is recovering from the foodgasm she is currently having, I want to talk about the best Shrimp and Grits I have ever had.  The shrimp were cooked deliciously and were very juicy; but the best part were the grits.


Being from the South, I have had grits plenty of times. These grits were cheesy and creamy with small bits of bacon. Even though I try to stay away from the swine, I indulged on this meal and I do not regret it one bit.


If my grandma made grits like this, her Saturday morning breakfast would be famous! The dish was topped with what they called “smoked shrimp butter,” and I would bathe in the stuff twice a day if I could…. that is how good it was. To tie it all together were these little grape tomatoes that added the perfect amount of sweetness to the dish.


Remedy prides themselves on having “Classic American Food” and they are doing a great job at that. The menu is not very vast, but they are doing simple food the right way. It makes for the perfect date night any time, and Greenville has plenty of places to go afterwards as well. We will be back for another trip in the near future.


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