A Healthy Perspective On “Lyfe”

To kick off the month of March we decided to celebrate National Nutrition Month and visit healthy restaurants. The first place on the list is Lyfe Kitchen.


We decided to go to the location in Plano to switch up from our usual Dallas scene. When we walked in we immediately saw the fresh herb display in front of us.



What a super cute way to incorporate and display the fresh and beautiful herbs that they had to offer! Such a nice touch for sure. 🙂


We the then grabbed a couple of menus to pick out a selection for us to feast on. I settled on the Hibiscus Beet Infused Water.


The water is a hibiscus tea infused with beet, apple, lemon and ginger. It was refreshing, but this was definitely new for me.


I am not going to lie, that mound of hibiscus and beet that engulfed my throat towards the end of the cup was definitely a little rough. But nonetheless, the flavors worked well together.

Christa chose the cucumber, mint infused water.


We both agreed that it tasted as if we stuck a straw in the middle of a cucumber and started drinking. While it was refreshing, she definitely could not finish it all.

For the starters, we had the grilled artichokes with the with garlic aioli and the “unfried buffalo chicken strips” which are chicken strips that are tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce and served alongside two farmhouse pickles.

The artichokes were pretty yummy.


The only downer was that they didn’t cut the artichokes for us to make the eating process easier. But let us not complain because that sounds like a “princess’ problem.” lol

The “unfried buffalo chicken strips” were actually pretty yummy too. Christa said, and I quote, “I can taste the healthy.”


We all know that she isn’t used to the healthier style of eating due to the fact her body is technically is hooked up to a constant “chicken grease drip” that pretty much flows through her body. I actually enjoyed the strips. It was definitely a great spin on the  buffalo chicken wing appetizer that you would typically order.


For the main course, I ordered the grilled chicken and avocado sandwich.  The sandwich was grilled chicken with roasted tomatoes, lettuce, herbaceous aioli, avocado and mozzarella all on an oatmeal bun.


It also came with a side salad of romaine, carrots and red onions. I also topped mine with a little pepper and salt just for some added flavor.


The meat was tender, and the sandwich seemed to melt in my mouth with each bite. Definitely was fresh, and something I would recommend trying.


Christa took the Asian route and had the Barramundi Noodle Bowl. It was soba noodles topped with sea bass, mushrooms, edamame and served with a kimchi broth.If you know Christa,  she is a sucker for all Asian food. 


Christa took the Asian route and had the Barramundi Noodle Bowl. It was soba noodles topped with sea bass, mushrooms, edamame, and served with a kimchi broth. If you know Christa, she is a sucker for all Asian food. She would describe it as a healthy bowl of pho. It wasn’t too spicy and had the right amount of flavor. The sea bass could have been cooked a little less, but other than that it was good.

Lyfe Kitchen was a very good experience and different from our eating adventures so far. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and wished we would would have tried tried more things for sure. The sweet potato fries will be on the agenda next time.


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