A Healthy Sound: Sundown at Granada

The Granada has been the platform for some of the best acts in music for years. Sitting right next to it is the restaurant and self proclaimed “beer garden” known as Sundown at Granada, which is a smaller music venue with some pretty good food.


The thing that sets the Sundown apart from most venues is their menu.


Most music theaters have your classic dishes such such as “neon cheese nachos,” microwaved pizza, and even frozen chicken wings; but Sundown is changing the game. They pride themselves on local and organic products which they list inside the menu.

Appetizers were on our agenda as usual and we decided on the “Hammered Goat” flatbread.


The flatbread was topped with goat cheese, mushrooms and wild honey.


I’m definitely not  a fan of goat cheese, but this flatbread changed my mind. The goat cheese was mild and not the usual musty rough flavor that makes me gag.


My take:

I chose the Brussels Sprout salad and added a piece of salmon.


It’s very rare that I get salads on our eating adventures, but today I took a leap outside of the box. The salad was served warm, with a organic bacon dressing and candied walnuts. It was a little sweet, but nothing a little black pepper could not fix.

India’s Take:

I chose to have the Sundown Burger which was cooked to a medium temperature and topped with raw milk colby cheddar cheese, organic smoked bacon and caramelized root beer onions.


I also had a side of sweet potato fries along with my burger. AMAZING is the perfect word to describe this. The burger melted in my mouth with each bite. I even made a conscious effort to only eat half of it so that I could savor the other half the next day. The burger was yummy and packed full with flavor.

Sooooo overall, the service was not the best, but the food made up for it. We we slightly turned off at the fact we had sat there for at least 15-20 minutes before the waitress came to our table to greet us. It also took over 45 minutes for our entrees to come. Like we literally got there and the sun was out and got our food after the sun had went down. On the upside, we left with our stomachs full and filled with surprised at how delicious the food was. They take pride in what they present to their guests and it definitely shows in the food. We for sure have to make another trip for their stuffed avocados and brisket sliders made with shiner bock. Our mouths are just watering just thinking of it…….


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