Our Absolute Most Favorite Chipppps!

Being a lover of all things carbs, we had to include a blog featuring one of the best savory snacks known to man! With chips being one of our favorite “C” words, we decided to tell our readers about some of our favorite chips.

Christa’s Pick:

When God made potatoes I think he wanted us to slice them and deep fry them in hot grease. He probably did not want us to eat them everyday, but that’s a cross I’m willing to bear.

My favorite chip flavor is sea salt and vinegar, and Sprouts decided to make an all natural version.

I’m assuming they are supposed to be better for you because Sprouts sells them, but they taste just as good as any other chip. I can eat an entire bag by myself….don’t judge me.


India’s Pick:
My favorite chips hands down are the Honey Mustard chips by Kettle Brand Potato Chips!


I love pretty much the whole ‘Kettle Chip” collection, and every few weeks when I run out of a bag, I go and pick up a new flavor so that I can eventually taste them all. It’s actually funny that the honey dijon chips are my favorite because all my life I have literally hated the taste of anything dijon, but for some reason this year my mouth has craved things drenched in any type of dijon flavor. I sure am glad I got hooked too because I was really missing out! If you like honey dijon you will love these.

These perfectly baked kettle chip paired with the savory honey mustard flavor makes for an awesome snack! I typically eat mine alongside a sandwich, but they would be totes perf for a snack on the go!



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