Majestically Delicious

Hello fellow foodies! We are back again for yet another eating adventure. I I know you have have been have DYING to figure out what places we have stuffed our faces at lately. This past week, we went to Henry’s Majestic in Dallas.




Let’s first set the scene of the night.

So little old me showed up on time to the dinner date I had with Christa at 8 p.m.


I had pretty much starved myself all day because I knew I would be having a feast! With my stomach nearly touching my back, I valeted the car and walked inside to be seated on their beautiful patio.


As the time ticked away, I started to wonder where Christa was, my stomach was wondering too.


(40 minutes later she walks in) -___- But it’s okay because me and my to mach have forgiven her for making us wait.

ANNNNYWHO! While I sat there, I got to really take in the amazing weather and somewhat quirky decor.


I was sat right next to the illuminating “Majestic” sign.


I finally got to order for dinner and opted for the Texas Pho!


I just HAD to see if it held up to my first love Pho 95. This dish for sure completely changed my outlook on Pho 95’s savory bowl! I think it works perfectly because they are two completely different types of pho. The Texas Pho at Henry’s included brisket, Beeman Ranch Akaushi Flank, soft boiled eggs and rice noodles. It had such a hearty serving and choice of meat, this pho is perfect for your average Texan girl! 😉



PURE HEAVEN! I actually feel like I cheated on Pho 95 because I enjoyed it so much! 

So yes, I was late, but all that matters is that I made it and we enjoyed the food. I decided to take the tasting route and get a couple of appetizers.

First up on the list were the Maple Bourbon Meatballs.

Of course Henry’s was not going to use just any old ground chuck from Kroger…noooo.. that would just be wrong. These meatballs were made from Akaushi beef, which is pretty much one of the best grades of meat that can touch your lips.

Our server brought the plate to the table, and it was 5 huge meatballs topped with a fennel slaw. The smell alone enticed me, and I could not wait to on dig in.

The meatballs were very tender.


It was to the point that made me think they were not even cooked all the way.

I had India try them to make sure I wasn’t just going crazy, but she said the same thing. Maybe our palets are just used to Kroger ground chuck and can not handle the awesome creation of Akaushi beef. Whatever it was, I ate most of them. I do wish there was more of the slaw and maybe some crostinis for a little texture contrast.

Next up was the Grilled Baby Octopus.

This dish sounded perfect on paper, but did not meet up to my expectations. The octopus was served warm with a Nicoise style salad, and was packed with protein and plenty of flavor. My favorite part were these little crunchy green sugar peas, they added not only color but a slight sweetness.


I could have eaten entire bowl of those alone. Would I eat this dish again? Probably not, but it was worth trying for sure.

The one thing I did appreciate was the price to portion ratio. That is one of the best features about Texas aka “God’s Country.” We get full for a great price! Everything tasted fresh, and they definitely took pride in what they present to their guests.

We enjoyed the meal here and will definetly be back for another go around. Henry’s Majestic offers amazing service, scenery and food of course! We definitely recommend that you try this place out for yourself. 🙂


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