A Mid Day Fiesta at La Comida

This week we had a craving for a little  Mexican food, so our eating adventure took us to La Comida in Addison.  We have not had Mexican food in awhile and we wouldn’t be real foodies if we didnt switch it up on our followers.

Lets Get to the Eats!!!


La Comida is a fairly new restaurant  in Addison that did not dissapoint, well they did for a moment but we’ll get there a little later…

We went for lunch which is different for us. I walked  in and was immediately greeted by our server Angel. He walked me to the table while I waited for India. I decided to start munching away at the chips and salsa!

DSC_0562 DSC_0560

The menu is pretty big and has your traditional mexican dishes like tamales to your tex mex favs like nachos.

When India arrived, we decided to go for the more traditional route for appetizers and get the beef empanadas served with an avacado crema.


Now let me tell you these empanadas were on point for sure!!


A good empanda pastry has to be a little crisp on the outside with a fluffy inside even and an even more flavorful filling!


La Comida hit all the key elements AND the avacado crema just elevated the appetizer.

Of course you know that one app was not enough us Real Girls who love to eat,  soooo the shrimp ceviche was next up on the menu.


Besides, Angel said it was worth it and we trusted him. (we were pretty much bff’s at that point) 🙂

The ceviche was full of shrimp and flavor. I do wish it had more avocado though.


It only came with two slices and they weren’t even that ripe. They did give us some Chalua to kick it up an extra notch.


The ceviche was served with fresh tortilla chips for a little texture contrast.

So here comes the part where they dissapointed us. (Well mostly me because I picked it.*insert serious face*)

We were having a merry ole time…. and the entrees arrived. I chose the Casa Blanca Pollo, it was so bad I still taste that tainted flavor in my mouth.

This dish was a grilled chicken breast with a crema and a cheese sauce. On the menu it sounded great, but eating it was a nightmare. The chicken breast was not only over cooked, but under seasoned, and the crema taste as if they made it possibly 37 weeks ago.


Angel had to take away that hot mess and he promptly suggested  the Arrachera Steak for a replacement dish. I took his suggestion and it was well worth  it.


The Arrachera Steak was skirt steak stuffed with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese served with a chimichurri.


The steak was taaad oily, but it was tender and seasoned properly. I chose the Mexican rice and  Texas Caviar for my sides.


The Texas Caviar  is a mixture of black beans, corn, cumin and lime juice, similiar toa salad.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

India’s Take:

I had the shrimp tacos with Mexican slaw and a cup of beans.


It came with a delectable spicy sauce that lapped upon my tacos freeing them into a bath of spiciness.


The dish could have had a little kick of pepper and a splash of salt though, but besides that. I enjoyed them! Fresh and perf.


La Comida was definitely a great treat. The empanadas for sure blew us away and are definitely something we wish we could box up and send off with love to our fellow foodies! But what do we know? We are just two girls looking for their next meal..


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