Cinco De Mayo 2015

Of course we had to do a special post for Cinco de Mayo! We pretty much live and breathe anything revolved around Mexican cuisine.

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To keep it short and sweet, Chrissy and I will each share with you one taco that is completely and utterly worth trying at least once this life time! So sit back and enjoy this read with a shot or four of tequila. 😉

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Happy ‘Cinco De Drinko’ friends!

Let’s Get To The EATS!!


India’s Take:

I just had to write about the grilled flank steak taco that I had after a night out in downtown Ft.Worth. Everyone kept talking about how they were going there after the bars closed down for the night, so as typical foodies, we followed the crowd towards the late night snack!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 5.52.24 PM

This was soooo yummy! The taco was bursting with flavor and had sautéed portobello mushrooms, red onions, mex-oregano and drizzled with white queso all pilled up on top of a corn tortilla.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 5.51.47 PM

For some crazy reason I haven’t come back to get another helping, but I need to make a trip back ASAP! These tacos were pure perfection.


Christa’s Take:

My favorite taco joint is located in ‘The Cliff’ (aka Oak Cliff) inside of Fox Gas station. Yeah thats right… I said gas station, and there is a washateria connected to it, so this place def screams hood!

I’ve seen this place plenty of times before but never thought to stop in. I was craving tacos and sure needed a quick fix. I have discovered that this was the place for me and I’ve been in love ever since. ❤


They have everything from barbacoa to carnitas and everything in between. My favorite are the carne asada. The meat is seasoned very well and is always fresh. I usually go pretty late at night and every single time it tastes as if they just cooked up a fresh batch of meat just for me.


They serve the tacos with grilled onion, cilantro, fresh onions, lime and PLENTY of salsa. They have regular salsa and salsa verde that both have the perfect mix of heat and flavor. The heat is not over powering and complimets the tacos perfectly.

They also do not skip out on the meat here. I find myself having enough meat left over for at least 3 more tacos from all the excess that has fallen out. For a $1.49 it’s definitely worth every bite.


I’ve become quite a regular here so often that the guy on the grill knows exactly what I get. I arrive and pay for my tacos and he starts preparing them for me automatically.


I know everyone in Dallas loves Fuel City, but I promise this place puts Fuel City to shame. I know we will probably recieve loads of hate mail for that sentence alone, but I will live on and keep eating my tacos.

If you have not been you for sure need to saddle up and go. If you are wondering about the deets, it is located off of 67 and Polk, and they are open 24/7 so you can get your fix anytime.

Happy Cinco De Mayo fellow foodies! We hope you enjoyed your day of drinking, feasting and fun! We hope you plan to take our advice and try one of our top picks!

Or not…cause what do we know? We are just two girls looking for their next meal…


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