Dinner With The Crazies: Mother’s Day 2015

This Mother’s Day, Chrissy and I had planned a trip down to Mississippi to see one of our nearest and dearest friends graduate from Ole Miss, so we decided to take our mothers for a nice dinner the weekend before.


Our Mother’s Day adventure landed us at The Porch on Henderson in Dallas. The Porch’s cuisine features a menu with upscale down-home cuisine. Chrissy and I were super excited to try this one and we hope you’ll enjoy this food porn roller coaster we are about to take you on!

Buckle your seat belts and hold on tight during this foodgasm ride!



Of course, being the prompt princess I am, Mar (my mommy) and I arrived early to the restaurant. {Side note: If you are wondering why I refer to my mom as Mar’ it is just a shortened version of her name Mary. Christa calls her mom ‘Treese’ for the same reason. lol I’m sure you all like to test the waters like we do and everyone knows you’re a full adult when you can call your parents by their name and not get cussed out.}

…ANNNNNYWHO. We valeted the ‘Lex’ and rushed inside to get us a table. I had previously viewed the menu before arriving and knew a few appetizers I had to try!


A few minutes later, Christa and her mommy walked in and joined me and Mar. With Christa and I being the obvious food connoisseurs, we ordered appetizers for the table.

We started off with the house smoked brisket sliders, cornmeal battered fritto misto and the tuna and Texas strawberry gazpacho , which was one of the specials for the day on the big board.

First were the sliders. They came topped with coleslaw, homemade pickles as well as bbq sauce.
These were pretty delish. The meat was very tender and the bbq sauce added a great little kick.
The cornbattered frito misto came with calamari, gulf shrimp, oysters, green tomato chow-chow and a remoulade.

As you know, fried is one of our favorite ‘f’ words, so anything battered and screaming from the fryer is a friend of ours! We covered our in lemon and got to dipping in the remoulade. This was probably my favorite appetizer because the remoulade was so yummy!



Chrissy’s App Experience:

Before we ordered our meals, our sever pointed us towards the ‘Big Board’ that featured the Tuna and Strawberry Gazpacho and you KNOW I had to try it.



Let me say it was delicous!! The strawberries were definitely a great twist to the dish. It was served with fresh tortilla chips that added a great texture contrast that complemented the gazpacho perfectly.


India said it was the best tuna we have had and I was with her until I remeberd Toulouse. Toulouse had a tuna app that was served with wonton skins and had an asian twist. I would say each has its own special perks, but The Porch might win by an inch.


I was on cloud 9 for sure and the meal could only get better from that point on and boy did it!!!!


Now on to the main meal!

I had the chicken fried grass fed sirloin which came with a side of mashed potatoes and haricot vert (a boujee name for green beans lol) and smothered in a black pepper gravy. Can you say yummy?


First off, the portion was humongous! I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it all in one sitting so I ate half and took the rest to go with me. And besides, I knew I wasn’t leaving without dessert so I had to save the necessary space in my tummy so I could have some. Like as you can see, the sirloin is the size of two babies heads. *insert serious face*
The dish literally was so yummy, my mouth is actually watering thinking about it and I am HEAVILY considering leaving my class and driving to go get another plate….(don’t judge me) The mashed potatoes melted in my mouth and the green beans were cooked exactly how I like them, with a nice crunch to them! I HIGHLY recommend any real food addict to try this meal!
Chrissy’s Meal:

So as yall know I’m a self proclaimed chicken lover and they had some nice looking chicken dishes, but I decided to switch it up on y’all and do something different. 😉

[I can’t be predictable all the time lol]

I got the Salmon dish that was served with a cornbread puree with a cranberry compote and veggies.


The first bite I had was nostalgic and had my taste buds jumping off the wall. I definitely would describe it as Thanksgiving Dinner with Salmon. The puree was the right consistency and seasoned just the way mama likes!!!

I wished the salmon was cooked medium rare, but I dealt with the medium well.



Now to finish the meal, we both ordered desserts to share with our mommies.

For me and Mar, I had to get the gooey butter cake, it was literally calling my name and boy am I glad I did!


This cake literally melted in my mouth with each bite I took. Even my mother sighed with delight each time she took a bite!


Definitely in my list of favorite desserts for sure! The ice cream helped add that extra bit of diabetes to my desserts that I like to taste in my sweets!


Christa’s mom had the bread pudding which I didn’t touch of course due to my ability to die after an allergic reaction to eating nuts….it made for a pretty picture though. 🙂


The food overall was delish. To be honest, I contemplated driving up to Dallas the other day just to get another serving of that sirloin, but I controlled myself this time… NEXT week however may be a different story. lol

But you have got to go a try a dish their for yourself! Or not…cause what do we know? We are just two girls looking for their next meals..


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