We CAN’T With Campisi’s

Hey foodies!!! We KNOOOW you been having E•A•T•S withdrawls but we ARRRE back, and boy do we have an adventure for you!


If you follow us on our social media, we posted about a Dallas Summer Tour.

No we are not forming a band and traveling, but we did want to highlight some of the best old school spots Dallas has to offer.

We wanted to go to all the places everyone says, “OMG you haven’t been to ‘XYZ’ before? It’s soooooo good.” Our first stop is an oldie and a nasty at the ever so popular Campisi’s.

Let’s Get to the Eats!!!….(or lack thereof)


If you are a Dallas native you have to have heard of Campisi’s. Campisi’s is a local Italian Restaurant that has been around for years and has attracted celebrities, athletes and everyone in between.

The original store is in the heart of North Dallas off Mockingbird Lane. If you pass by it and see the Egyptian sign, you have found the right spot. lol



The building was an Egyptian lounge before the owners purchased it and decided to keep the sign. A lot of cost was put into renovating the location, so with the money they had left, they changed out the “lounge part” and added restaurant under the original Egyptian sign so it stuck and has become apart of the building’s 60 years of character.


Upon arrival, the restaurant has the atmosphere of an old club from the 50s.


I really thought Sinatra was for sure going to pop out and serenade the whole place. Red booths, low lighting and juke boxes everywhere. Little did we know, but we were about to take a trip back in time, and it was not fun.


I decided to get a booth because the lighting was bearable in that area and we need to be able to see what we are eating. I was hesitantly greeted by our waiter, and he got me something to drink while I waited on India. Slowly but surely I started to think this was a bad idea, but I was still holding on to hope. India arrives and we decide to get an appetizer of the fried Ravioli with beef.

We were both hungry and decided to put in the whole order, assuming our waiter was able to bring it out in courses. Our entrees came with a salad which had iceberg lettuce which India and I both loathe.


It has no flavor and no nutritional value (only India cares about that last part,) but we ate it to cure our hunger. The dressing on the salad was actual quite tasty and we ate just about every lick of it.


No more than six minutes later our entrees came out, but wait….”Where in the world is our appetizer?” I know you were wondering and frankly, so were we. The waiter left so we never got a chance to ask.

I ordered Veal Scalopini with Marsala sauce and angel hair pasta.


I was expecting a nice cut of veal seared and topped with a creamy wine sauce with my side of mushrooms sautéed with a plate of al dente angel hair. I was oh so disappointed.


What I did receive was a sickly piece of Veal which was over cooked and under seasoned and drowned in a saaaaaad picata sauce.


The Veal tasted as if they cooked it 3 hours ago and sat under a heat lamp.

DSC_1370– – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – India’s Take:

DSC_1378I had been having a craving for some chicken because I have been gorging on a lot of fish and beef lately. I looked at the menu and ORDERED the Italian grilled chicken which I opted to have piccata style. The thought of delicious capers and grilled chicken made my heart sing and I knew immediately that is what I wanted.

I also specified to my waiter that I wanted it with fettucini noodles.

-____-  I am convinced that my waiter didn’t listen to a word that I said, and just brought me out what he wanted. He probably would have had an easier time if he actually took the time to write down what Christa and I ordered, instead of saying okay and trying to memorize it.

I RECEIVED the other half of the the same sickly piece of veal that Christa had with angel hair pasta in some unidentifiable sauce.


NOTHING was was I asked for. No piccata, no fettucini noodles, no chicken, no capers, no nothing that I ordered.


This foodie was NOT happy! My main issue was, what if I was allergic to any of the things he gave me? I have allergies, so when I go to a restaurant and specify how I want my meal, then I want it that way, ESPECIALLY when I am using my coins to purchase the food!

I took one bite, pushed the plate away and waited for our waiter to return so that he could remove the plate from my presence.


He eventually came back around I explained to him everything that was wrong with my plate. He asked me if I wanted him to have them prepare me the correct plate and I said no. At that point, I honestly had lost my appetite.

Christa told him about never bringing out our ravioli we had ordered what seemed like ages ago, and he offered to bring us the, “Randy White Ravioli” free of charge because we had never gotten our original order.


Those my friend were delish! I gobbled those up and was pretty content. The ravioli was toasted with a beef filling and topped with provolone cheese and red sauce. Simple and yummy.


Now friends, we have to be honest, and Campisis was NOT what we thought it was going to be. I was expecting a bountiful and flavorful Italian meal and that is not what I received. Idk what do you guys think about that place?

We probably won’t be making any more trips there anytime soon…

Take what you want from this, but we had to be honest. Or not…cause what do we know? I mean, we are just two girls looking for their next meal…


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