Eating Adventures At The Taste of Dallas 2015

Every major city has their own “Taste Of” food festival and it would only be right that the Big D follow suite. This is our second time being at this event, and we definitely enjoyed this year better than the last.


We received tickets to the “Taste the Difference” event that is inside Taste of Dallas and boy did we have a good time!!!


There were at least 15 different restaurants and two times as many drink stations. We hadn’t checked off many of the restaurants there so it was a perf treat to be able to see what they are all about.


This was definitely a foodies delight. Just imagine the gourmet version of Costco with unlimited samples and no old lady judging you saying that you have had one too many cocktails. You know in Texas, over indulgence is pretty much in our State Song.


We ate and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. Some of our favorites were the tacos and pickled veggies from none other than Dallas favorite Chef Dean Fearing.  

 The veggies were the Beyonce of the plate for sure. We both like spicy food and they had the right mix of vinegar and heat, so you know we were happy.


India for sure loved the crabcakes from Amberjacks Fish Market. We went twice, and the chef there loved seeing our faces both times! He pratically told us we were gonna come back, and we did. They weren’t you typical over breaded, chicken of the sea, bland crab cakes either. These were filled with plenty of crab and even more flavor. They even  had a great deal of spice too just like we like it!

The cocktails were flowing and they were definitely heavy handed with the ‘liqa.’ The drinks were obvi the added bonus to the night for sure! πŸ™‚ 

We even got to do painting with a twist! We were so happy to see a station for this because that is definitely one of those things we have talked about yet never came around to actually doing. Minus our paintings looking like a four year old created them, it still was a fun time!

Sunday, we came back like the fatties we our and focused our tummies on conquering the food at the Taste of Dallas event.


We had a great time and even stopped by a fellow foodies booth. Sweet Thangs by Lo is a cake and cupcake business ran by a young dallas native that knows how to make a cake with some SOOULL in it!!


Your friend’s auntie’s cousin’s granny’s pound cake that she makes for every holiday and get together has NOTHING on what Lo is doing.


God only knows how much butter she puts in her cakes, and honestly who cares!

They are delicious, so you know we had to get a couple of her cake jars for the road. (4 to be exact) lol

We once again ate until we couldn’t eat any more and boy was it worth it!


Now we know you come here solely for the food porn and honestly words can’t describe the wonderful deliciousness we got to experience. So don’t mind us, we will just leave this right here so you can get a glimpse of what we experienced…


We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!! It can only get better, but what do we know?? We are just two girls looking for our next meal….. 


Make sure to follow us @theeatsblog for daily doses of food porn. πŸ˜‰

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