Pizza Perfection: Olivella’s Neo Pizza Napoletana

Hey foodies! We are back to share with you the deets from our latest food adventure!

 This episode takes us to Victory Park in Downtown Dallas to visit Olivella’s Neo Pizza Napoletana.

We were craving pizza and we heard around town that Olivella’s was a MUST try! Let’s not waste anymore time with the menial details. We know you are here for the food sooooooo…..



Since I had viewed the menu before I had even got there, I knew exactly what I wanted to order before I even sat down. lol I parked the Lex and hurried inside to grab a table for me and Christa.

Immediately entering the building, I was greeted with warm smiles which automatically gave me a good vibe from the restaurant. The various aromas of basil and tomato in the air was absolutely intoxicating. The overwhelming smells were absolutely nostalgic of times spent abroad eating in quaint little Italian cafes.

I requested a booth just for the comfort factor and the host quickly sat me at one. In no time later, I looked up and our waitress was there to take my drink order. That was definitely refreshing! Especially because I was a little parched. lol I took time to re-look over the menu to ensure my previous choice. lol

With water in hand, I sat patiently and waited for Christa to come through the doors. About 5 minutes later, Christa showed up and I got excited because I knew eating time was around the corner!

We started off with the Momma’s Homemade Meatballs with homemade mozzarella smothered on top.

The starter came with 3 meatballs topped with delicious mozzarella!

At first trying to cut into the meatball it seemed like it was a little tough, but when we tasted it, the meat seemingly melted in our mouths!

That was so weird because we weren’t expecting that! The meat was tender and seemed to fall apart. The sauce was also pretty flavorful along with the mozzarella.

We could only wish for just a bit more spice to the sauce because as you know, we are pretty much obsessed with spicy flavors! A little spice to the sauce would add the perfect kick to that dish!

For our main course, we decided to get the Black Truffle and Five Cheese Chicken and Artichoke on the Metro style pizza.

The pizza is made “Roman Style” and has a very thin crust.

At first glance, we were a little scared because the pizza seemed massive and we didn’t think we could handle it.

One of the managers assured us that she could eat one by herself. We didn’t judge we just “diiiiiiiived in.” (horrible Trey Songz plug…forgive me. lol)

The first bite of this Heaven sent cheesy goodness was one for the books.

That was days ago, and I can still taste it. The Five Cheese Chicken and Artichoke pizza was more of a sophisticated version of our beloved “Mean Green” from Crooked Crust (Heeeeeey Denton!!!!)

It had nice chunks of tender white meat and the right amount of artichoke to compliment the pizza.

The Black Truffle pizza was just as delicous. The truffle oil scent filled my nose and I was in love all over again.

I love when food is just done simple. And that is just what Olivella did. Simple and delicious. We pratically devoured the whole pizza aside from a couple pieces we packed up to go.

 This was a great visit and we will for sure be back. The service was nice and everyone made us feel as if we were visiting their home. Two different people other than our server checked us on mutiple times and we loved it. That’s hospitality right there people!

We have already planned another trip back to Olivella’s, so be on the lookout for that adventure.

This was a very refreshing trip considering our last Neopolatin Style Pizza adventure was a fail. (*cough cough* Cane Rosso)

But again, what the heck do we know?? We are just two girls looking for our next meal.


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