No Basic Brunches Allowed

Well hello there again, πŸ‘‹πŸ½ it’s Christa and India back at it again with another helping of restaurant reviews and humor. If we know two things it’s how to eat and have a good laugh.

This week our eating adventure took us to and old place with a new friend. We had been planning a meet up with a fellow Dallas foodie for weeks and it finally happened!!!

Vicky is a contributor to Dallas Food Nerd, which is all about kitchen gadgets and seeking out some great eats within the area. She found us through her brother which happens to be a UNT alum, (Go Mean Green) and we have been liking and commenting ever since.

Originally we all wanted to meet at Jonathan’s in Oak Cliff, but it being Sunday we could not make it on time after church. Jonathan’s is a very popular brunch spot, and if you do not show up on time with your entire party you will not be eating anything they have. Lol

We had a back up plan which was Bolsa. We had previously visited Bolsa last fall and had a pretty good experience.


Of course our “man bun server” was an added plus/blessing. πŸ™‚Β  We definitely spotted him this time when we came with Vicky, but we had a different server this time.

We heard the brunch there was good and I can testify to that, well 95% of it at least.Β  It was a beautiful day outside but the sun was definitely out to play, so sitting on the patio was not an option especially for India. It was rather toasty and we wanted to enjoy our meal and conversation so we dexided to move this fun bus inside.

The menu Bolsa has, had many options for brunch meals ranging from flatbreads to quiche and everything in between. I had been wanting some steak in my life so I went for their spin on “Steak and Eggs.”



This dish came with A beautiful waygu filet with two heavenly sunny side eggs and plenty of crispy potatoes on the side to catch some of that yolk. Now come one, there is NOOO way you can tell me that doesn’t sound good.


It is very rare that I don’t ask for tobasco or something to elevate the flavors of my meal. Bolsa didn’t over season or even under season, it honestly was just right, and I loved it. I asked for my steak to be medium and it was pretty good except a little bit of burnt edges which explains that 95% I mentioned earlier. I still ate it though because who am I to waste a little burnt meat on the Lord’s day, I shan’t!!!!

My deep love affair that I have for cheese and carbs led me to order a side of their mac and cheese with greens on top! Definetly on the list of top 5 mac and cheese dishes I’ve had. It wasn’t the boring Cheddar and American blend every other pretentious restaurant serves. It was creamy and made of everything you hope and wish for.


They flash fried collard greens and put them on top. I could have done without that part, it kind of reminded me of the texture of seaweed. It was interesting nonetheless and added a nice twist.


India’s Take:

I had the ‘Brunch Delux’ which included a maple bourbon glazed pork belly, two french toast cakes, two J&H s.s.u. eggs & smoked fingerlings. I had never had pork belly before, and Vicky insisted their’s was delish, so I quickly placed my order.
The pork belly was pretty tasty, but I can see how it could be an acquired taste. Each bite pretty much melted in my mouth, and the over-easy egg and fingerling potatoes made for the perfect bite.

The two French toast cakes were my fav by far! Brioche bread really makes the perfect base for French toast. It was so light and fluffy and had the perfect crunch on the outside of it. My favorite part of the French toast was the whipped cream! I liiiiive for fresh whipped cream and that is what Bolsa gave me! That with the fresh fruit on top of the delicious French toast was perfection.

We really enjoyed meeting Vicky! We can definitely appreciate a person who shares our love and passion for food.
We hope that you all will try out Bolsa’s brunch at least once and let us know how you liked it!
Listen or not cause you know….I mean really, what do we know? We are just two girls looking for their next meal…

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