Bone Marrow and Mejool Dates in the Little D

Hello Fellow Foodies!!!

Sorry we have been neglecting you and your food blogging needs, but we have been quite busy this past couple of weeks. We’re back now and that is all that matters.


Denton, TX has some pretty special memories for us considering we spent a couple of years there going to school. When we were there, the food scene was well below par. Needless to say, we spent the majority of our eating experiences at home or going to eat in Dallas. There has since been a recent pop of new restaurants in the Denton area and Barley and Board is one of them.


We were invited by the restaurant to try some of their brunch menu items during the opening weekend of them offering brunch on the menu. They have only been open for a few weeks, but they tell us the response has been phenomenal and we definitely believe it.


Barley and Board has definetly bought a little bit of Dallas flair with menu items such as bone marrow, quail, and even bacon wrapped dates. If you have never been to Denton, we will tell you the highlight of the food scene is Chicken Express, so you know anything that is not fried or wrapped in a taco is weird to everyone.


We were greeted by Narciso Tovar who sat us at the most beautiful table by the window. The seats were tufted and extra comfortable. We chatted for a little bit and then got a chance to go over the menu.


We started brunch off with of course a good ole mimosa, because you can’t spell brunch without mimosas. ūüėČ


No good meal is complete without some apps to start. We were told that the Bacon Wrapped Mejool Dates were the best thing on the menu, so we took a chance and ordered them.


The dates were stuffed with their house made chorizo, just in case you didn’t get enough swine with the bacon. Drizzled on top of the dates were a fresh piquillo sauce that took the dates to a whole new level.


The multi-level amounts of texture and flavor is really what we liked, so we see why everyone loves them so much.


We also had to take another leap of faith, so we ordered the bone marrow.


Now keep in mind that India had never had it before, so you can just imagine her face when she took a bite of it.


It really was not any different than your typical bone marrow dish from anywhere. Barley and Board added a parsley pesto on top with a side of smoked salt in their own personal spin.


There aren’t too many ways to make a bone marrow dish differently than the next, but Barley and Board did their best in making sure it was done right.

Next up were our main meals from the brunch menu. I had the fritatta topped with fried oysters and a crema.


As you know, I’m a sucker for good fried oysters, so this was a perf way to get me excited and rilled up for food! They were crisp on the outside yet¬†nice and soft on the inside.


I felt like the crema could have been replaced with a hollandaise sauce, but that is just my personal opinion. I do wish the fritatta was a little more fluffy, but it was light on my tummy just like it should be.


India’s Take:

I had the hanger steak that came with sautéed potatoes and onions alongside two sunny-side up eggs.


I had my steak prepared medium rare which is the only way a person should eat a good steak. The steak was so tender I barely put pressure on it and it melted under my fork.


I cracked my runny yolks and mixed them all around with my potatoes and onion hash. Let’s just say there was a party going on in my mouth that made me beyond excited to be a part of.


Finishing our main meals we felt like something was missing. I mean, if you go have brunch it is imperative that you have to have some tope of heavy carb right? I am pretty sure that is a rule in the Un-Official Brunch Handbook. (coming to a store near you…jk) We ended our meal with their “Not So Blue Pancake” and boy this puppy had us paralyzed for a few hours.


The pancake was topped with fresh blueberries, lemon zest and whipped cream. It was more cake than pan, but we loved it because we love carbs…


After we nursed our food baby for a minute or ten, we had the chance to chat it up with the Executive Chef Chad Kelly and Co-Owner Eric Pulido. It was clear they know what they are doing and they are risk takers. We would never think to put this type of food in a college town. There is a market for good food in Denton, and the people there are taking notice of that. Hopefully more restaurantuers start to pioneer out that way so that more students and Denton locals won’t have to always venture outside of town for a nice dinner.

So brunch it up asap¬†at Barley and Board for a sophisticated twist for your average ‘bruncher.’ Listen to us food friends, WE LOOOOVE FOOD and we know what you’ll like..because we like it. lol But of course, what do we know? We are just two girl’s looking for their next meal…


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