Park and Palate Recap

Where else can you eat until you pass out and rub elbows with some of the most famous chefs in the world???


Well if you do not know, just listen to us, because that is pretty much how we spent our past weekend at Park and Palate. This phenomenal event is the first of its kind to hit Dallas and we can not wait until it hits town again.

Park and Palate is a charity event that benefits the Woodall Rogers Foundation which manages Klyde Warren Park. If it’s for a good cause, a little over-indulging never hurt anybody. This two day event was nothing short of spectacular! Everything from the food to the ambience and everything in between was AH-maze.


The first day started at night, so the crisp-cool weather was perfect! All the chefs were out in full affect for the “Down to the Roots” event which showcased some local and Texas based chefs.


This was the night for homestyle cooking with a twist. Being the southern girls that we are we had a great time.


Some of our favorites were the steamed buns from Chef Tiffany Derry.


It was her take on Asian cuisine that she filled with the juiciest southern fried chicken and pickled okra and was drizzled with helping of buttermilk dressing.



Served on the side was fresh cubes of watermelon. This right here boys and girls was amazing!!! The chicken was tender and full of flavor, and the toppings were the rights components with the steamed bun.

The watermelon was not only refreshing, but also a great palate cleanser, probably one of the best things we have ever had.

Another hit for us was Chef Tre Wilcox’s take on smothered pork.


No we didn’t eat a whole chop, but instead we had shredded pork shoulder which was served with some grits and collard greens.


Now if you know anything about real southern food, you know it includes good fried chicken in at least one meal, but your sides have to match up as well. Chef Wilcox killed this meal and the greens were amazing! They were seasoned to perfection and had a hint of smoke to them. My grandma’s greens are very good, and not too many people get compared to her’s, but Chef Wilcox may be better than her…..

If anyone tells my grandma I said this, I will personally come and spit on your cereal everyday for the rest of your life.


Day two of Park and Palate was the same eating frenzy. Various restaurants were lined up down Klyde Warren Park with tons of small plates for us foodies to gobble up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pretty much we enjoyed everything that we ate, with exception of maybe two/three places.

DSC_2889 DSC_2891

The highlight of day two was when we got to meet Chef Amanda Freitag and Chef John Waxman. Let me set the scene for you….

So we decided to go inside the restaurant to have a seat and cool off from the overwhelming heat that day. As we walked in, we grabbed a cocktail and decided to head towards the back to find a seat since the front room was crowded with guests. We walked to the back and sat down. The staff in there was really great! The kept the appetizers and drinks flowing so that was perfect!

DSC_2979 DSC_2970


As fate would have it, we just so happened to sit behind the two chefs and ever even noticed it. The Lord must have told Amanda to turn around because literally out of no where she did! We waved and she smiled and waved back! We knew we had to take our chance. Let’s just say our innocent wave started the conversation that allowed them to take pictures with us! (Well Christa took the picture and I was the photographer lol)

DSC_2973 DSC_2976

It was truly an honor to be able to speak with such amazing chefs that we completely admire and respect.

The whole experience was pretty awesome. We mingled with various chefs and other fellow foodies from the Dallas area. We always enjoy an event that joins the people who love food the most together. I mean….you saw all the food porn.

We can’t wait until next year’s event because we will definitely be back ready to hit the ground running! [With forks in hand of course ;)]

If you have the opportunity, we definitely recommend that you get tickets when next year’s event comes around!


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