Thank God for #NationalPizza Month

Hey Foodies!!!! You know who it is. 🙂 We are back to share yet another food filled adventure, I mean…. what else is there to do?

We were invited to Old Chicago to try some of their menu items at their Mockingbird Station location.


Old Chicago started about 30 yrs. ago in Boulder, Colorado. They set out to do three things which are serve really good handmade pizza, provide great choices of ice cold beer and treat their guests like family. In our personal opinion, we would say they are doing a great job keeping it up after all these years. But that’s enough of us talking….Let’s get to the Eats!!!

Old Chicago has that bar feel yet still possesses a family atmosphere which is a weird combo, but it definitely works. Their menu ranges from the ever so popular hot wings to calamari with a wide range of pizza and much more.


They even have pizza spaghetti, but sadly we did not get it, maybe next time kids.

We were given a brief tour of their menu by one of the best servers we have ever had (hey Christina.) One thing we did appreciate is the effort they put in training their servers with beer knowledge that can help the customers with pairing and even trying something different.


They do not want you to just come in and drink a Bud Light, they want you to try something you may not have thought of without straying to far from home.

We got to sample some craft beers, some local and some not, and they all had different flavors.


As we sampled the various beers, we figured we should go ahead and eat some carbs while we were there. I mean.. it was Sunday, so why not right?

We started off with three different appetizers from their to get the party started. Even though it was not an easy decision, we chose the Jamaican style wings, fries with Jamaican spice and also the fried ravioli. The wings were pretty tasty, nothing to scream about but it was good.


We did feel like it could have been more Jamaican flavored but we did eat every last one because we do not waste food. lol



The fried ravioli were great, and were served with a marinara sauce.


Lastly the fries…I mean it is fries…so you know we ate every last one of those as well.

We wanted to try a couple of pizza’s as well, so we chose the Tuscan Chicken and the Italian Grinder.


 Christina suggested the Italian Grinder and said it was a popular item. We got the pizza on Chicago Thick crust of course.


We enjoyed the pizza for sure, the Italian Grinder was better than the Chicken Tuscan for sure.  


I’m sure you all know by now Christa tries to stray away from the swine, (barely)  but she definitely liked the Italian Grinder.


One thing we did like about the crust was that it was not oily and it was airy even though it was thick.

The Tuscan Chicken pizza was just okay.


It wasn’t like it was horrible, we have just had better chicken pizza in our mouths. Also after nomming on that delish Italian Grinder, the Tuscan Chicken with spinach was definitely underwhelming.


To kick up up a notch, we think that adding some spice or something could help to enhance the flavor. The crust like the other one was still spot on though.


We were full as ticks after we forced the last few morsels of the pizza into our mouths.  The “D” word (dessert) was brought up, but we could not eat anymore, especially not any sweet. If we have ever had any regrets in life, refusing desert is at the top of the list for sure.

We plan to visit Old Chicago again in the near future. If you are a football fan, whether it be College or NFL they have some pretty good choices for happy hour. We just might to pretend we know about football and just go eat and talk….and boy watch. 😉

-The E•A•T•S Blog

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