Happy Birthday Old Chicago!

Hey foodies!

Last weekend we got the chance to get together with some other awesome bloggers in the Dallas area for a fun bloggers event at good ole Old Chicago!

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.41.26 PM

We were definitely looking forward to having our previous waitress ___, but we didn’t see her there. *insert sad face* Nevertheless, our waitresses made sure we had an awesome time and were taken care of.

Can we take a moment for this super cute cupcake set up? AH-maze.


We knew we didn’t want to spoil the meal, so we asked for a to-go box to enjoy the treat later. (Side note: I had mine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream later on that day and BOY was it yummy! the cake was so moist it literally melted in my mouth! Thanks to Tricia’s Cupcakes for supplying those for us!)


Food Time: We started off with some wings yet again. I mean, you can’t have pizza without wings amiright?


This time we tried the flavors screaming mango and the twice baked applewood. The applewood wings were okay, a little on the dry side, but the actual rub on the outside was pretty flavorful.


The screaming mango ones however were delish! The sauce on there was the perfect balance of spicy and sweet that you look for in a sauce.


We couldn’t resist and got the ‘Italian Grinder’ pizza again and it was definitely delicious like how we remembered.


A hearty amount of peppers, onions and meat always gets the job done.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.42.46 PM

We actually think this time around the pizza tasted better because the dough was just so fluffy and thick! That chicago crust was pretty much perfect. *mmm yumm*


Seriously guys, if you haven’t tried this pizza, you have got to go in and taste for yourself!


Thanks old Chicago for having us out yet again and of course happy birthday! We wish you many many more! 🙂


Thanks for reading the latest installment of the EATS Blog. 🙂

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