Ida Claire: Bringing Southern Charm To Addison

Heeeey Foodies,

We are back again with another EATS installment. This week we made another trip at Addison’s newest Southern Cuisine restaurant Ida Claire.


We took a trip a couple of months ago with some other Dallas foodies and couldn’t wait to come back. We heard through the grapevine that they had some new dishes on the menu so we had to try them.
First off we must say our server Oliver was very attentive, knowledgeable, and may we add, not bad on the eyes. He suggested some drinks for us to try and somehow both of them ended up at our table.


Pictured above and below is the ‘Peachy Keane.” Inside the drink is bourbon, honey, peach and ginger liqueur, lemon, angostura bitters annnnnd egg whites. Yup you heard right, EGG WHITES!


Now I know to some of you, egg whites in your drink may seem a little far fetched, but Oliver insisted that we give it a try. The drink tasted like an alcoholic peach juice. The egg whites was mostly there for texture and didn’t include any extra flavor, which we appreciated.



Drink number two was the ‘Wicked Will.”


This drink had spiced rum, overproof rum, pineapple ginger syrup, banana liqueur and angostura bitters. This drink was definitely the favorite. Reminds me of something I should be drinking on the beach with a cabana boy nearby. 🙂


For appetizers we had the pecan roasted oysters. *mouth waters*


These babies were nice and juicy and were not your typical grilled oysters. They were topped with kale, bacon and pickled onions.


The onions definitely added a nice finish to the oysters.


Since we came for the new dishes, we settled on the short rib dish and the clam and shrimp boil.


I wanted it to be extra spicy, but Oliver suggested I try their ‘Holy Trinity Sauce’ for a kick.


Let me tell yall, that sauce tasted like straight Habernero. lol

My mouth stung for a minute, but I managed. The boil was cooked in a tomato saffron broth, even though it wasn’t spicy the safron was a great addition to the boil.


India’s Meal——————————————————————–

I decided to try the braised beef short rib for my entree.


The dish is served with young carrots, marble fingerling potatoes and southern comfort jus.


The short rib so tender, it melted under my knife. Everything, (especially the meat) was also seasoned very well.


The potatoes were cooked perfectly and the carrots had the right amount of crunch to them. There honestly wasn’t anything to say about this dish besides, “Dang, that was freaking good.”

——————————————————————————-We ended the meal with their Vice Cake. Ida Claire is known for this cake and how untraditionally good it is. The stout cake is topped with a simple syrup coffee buttercream and smoked candied bacon and a ganache.


India got it last time we went, but I never got the chance to try it. Oliver gave us a scoop of Henry’s Vanilla ice cream to go with the cake because I mean, you can’t have cake without ice cream amiright??!


And there is bacon…..bacon always makes everything better. The candied bacon on this cake pushes its richness to a whole new level! This cake is definitely a three day dessert  though because it is soo rich. Definitely worth it though!


Ida Claire, the new additions were a success in our eyes!

We hope you enjoyed this latest installment from the EATS girls and stay tuned for our next food eating adventure. 🙂


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