Urban Thai in Funky Town: Kin Kin Urban Thai

Hey Foodies!

You know we are about all things food in the DFW area, but we mostly dabble in the Dallas food scene.

We were invited by Kin Kin Urban Thai to come try out some new menu items that they were featuring, so we decided to make the trip.


Can we start off with this super chic decor?


If we had a gang of foodies with us, we definitely would have wanted to sit over in this cute eating area at the restaurant!


We started off with appetizers of course and chose the Thai Beef Jerky and the homemade Duck Dumplings.

Starting with the Thai Beef Jerky, we weren’t sure what to expect from them. Originally we thought that the jerky would be similar to your traditionally jerky, but theirs was different.


The jerky was cut into thicker strips, perfect for popping in your mouth. We both agreed that the jerky could have used some type of sauce to add some depth to it. It was pretty simple. We were definitely expecting more, at least more bursting flavor from the meat. But a sauce, will definitely amp that jerky up!


The duck potstickers were next on the menu.


You honestly really can’t mess up potstickers unless you’re cooking with your eyes closed. lol

They were pretty yummy. We gobbled those bad boys up extra fast and nearly fought over the last one. lol


Yaaaas! It’s time for the entrees! I ordered the Thai Chicken Ginger Stir-fry with a side of jasmine rice.



This dish I actually enjoyed. It was good, and I had to calm myself from inhaling the whole dish in one sitting.


lol The mix of spices and the moist chicken was enjoyable. The dish seemed never-ending as well! Definitely spot on with their portion sizes.


Christa’s Take:

I ordered the Drunken Noodles with beef.


You can’t go wrong with a stir fry with in a spicy sauce with fresh veggies. It was quite tasty and it made an even better Midnight snack the next day.


The onions were a little under cooked but nothing a little bit of Sriracha did not fix.  It was not better than our fav Pho 95 but it is a close second.

To wash it all down, I ordered the Lychee Margarita, which is mixed with tequila, soho lychee and fresh lime.


Our waiter recommended that I try it out, so I did. Surprisingly as a foodie who has eaten a wide variety of things, I had never actually tasted a lychee before. Christa kept insisting I try it, and thought it was because it was going to be nasty and she was trying to play me. *insert serious face* But eventually, I popped the little sucker into my mouth and actually was pleasantly surprised.


You can definitely taste the floral notes that the fruit has. The drink was pretty delish too. Fruity and alcohol-y, aka PERFECT.

For dessert, I had the green tea cheesecake which is infused with matcha and topped with a strawberry compote.


This cheese cake is for sure in like my ‘fav five’ of cheesecakes that I have ever had.


The matcha was not overpowering, and the cheesecake melted in my mouth with each bite. It was devine…simply devine…


So foodies that wrap another eating adventure in the EATS world and we hoped you enjoyed our latest installment! Check back next week for more from your favorite Dallas foodies!


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