One Bite at a Time

Hey Foodies!!

I guess you haven’t heard from us since last week, but boy do we have a good one for y’all today! We took a trip to Dallas newest hot spot by renown Chef Eddie T who also owns Kin Kin.

Bite by Chef Eddie T used to be located in downtown Ft. Worth, but Chef T decided that the Oak Lawn area needed a little love, so he brought this lovely place to the Big D!!! Good choice Chef…good choice.

Bite is more of a upscale restaurant that has a mix of Thai food and some classic dishes that Chef Eddie loves. From sea bass to lamb chops, and a variety of other dishes, Bite has something for just about everyone.

The atmosphere is very subtle not a lot going with the décor and the service is great, very professional and personable at the same time.


Cocktails are always first. 🙂

For appetizers we decided on the Beef Carpaccio which was phenomenal.


It was similar to the one we had at Bolsa but better. This plate has a perfect portion of thinly sliced beef, and topped with an arugula salad, cheese and a fresh crostini. The plate was drizzled with a mustard sauce.


We also saw the lamb meatballs, but they were on a limited menu, but they brought them out for us to try.


The meatballs were topped with a manchego cheese sauce and had a light smoky flavor. I mean this just could not get any better. I mean…if they stuffed them meatballs with one-hundred dollar bills it would be perf!!!


For entrees I had the feature which was a pappaderlee pasta, with lobster, mushrooms and sliced asparagus tossed in a creamy garlic sauce.


The creamy garlic sauce alone was amazing, like I wanted to bathe in it I loved it so much.


Of course I could not eat it all, but if I really tried, I probably would have. But you know it did not last very long in the to-go box.

India tried the Duck with a cherry sauce, pureed parnsips and sautéed kale and carrots.


So out of all the ducks that have sacrificed their lives so we could eat, this by far was the best one yet!! This must have been a royal duck or something because it was just perfect. Chef Eddie and his staff know how to treat a duck, the skin was crispy and the inside was cooked to a medium, so you know it was juicy and flavorful!!!


That skin though….. YAAASSSS!!! I need them to just make duck skin and serve that as an appetizer. If you go to Bite, that is definitely a must try.

I mean since we were already on our way to a food coma we decided to go ahead and get dessert juuust to seal the deal. India is literally obsessed with the Apple Crumble they have so she got that.


I chose the Chocolate Cake with Mint Chocolate Ice Cream. The cake was a little rich for me, but the ice cream cut it just right.


If you are in the Oak Lawn area, or even if you are not, Bite is a perfect date night spot or even the ideal hangout for a night out with friends. The entrees there are good sized portions and are great for sharing, but we do not really share food. That is how we have maintained being friends for all these years. 🙂


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