New Year New Snacks

Hey Foodies,

We all see the “New Year, New Me” typical posts from everyone and their mom during the start of every year, knowing good and well these people are lying to themselves. Most of us start on this healthy wagon January 1st and jump off around February 29th, that is if we make it passed Valentine’s Day.

Here at EATS, we decided to take a different route this year and actually try and help some of you all out.

So instead of jumping off the wagon full force, you can stay on a little while longer and still be able to get your snack on before the new episode of Scandal comes on. We have compiled a list of a few snack alternatives that will leave you satisfied with only part of the guilt.


  1. Simply 7 Barbeque Quinoa Chips

We are not bandwagon Quinoa fans, but these chips are pretty delish!


They give you the flavor and the satisfaction that any other chip does but without the greasy hands. If you are Gluten Free throw ya hands up, because this is one is for you.


     2. Wow Baking: Lemon Burst Cookies

Soooo these bad boys are ridiculously amazing!!! If you like Lemon Cake, then this is for you. If I didn’t know beforehand that they were made with wheat, I would definitely not be able to tell the difference.


They are so flavorful and soft and they melt in your mouth. These are the perfect midday snack or after meal sweet treat. I suggest getting a couple of bags for the house and one for the car. If you get caught in traffic, you will be too busy to go off on anyone if you have these little bites in the arm rest.


     3. Way Better Snacks: Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

Eat these babies up by themselves or dip in them in your fav guacamole or salsa.


They are light and crisp with the right amount of sweetness. Bring them to the office Superbowl party and you will have everyone hooked.


We all know the Superbowl is really about the food….right?


    4. Pop Chips: Sour Cream and Onion

I discovered these little crisps one day during a shopping trip to Sprouts. I decided to pick them up and give them a try.


They were delicious! They are nothing like having a chip because they are so light and airy. They aren’t deep fried and that helps when you are trying to start fresh in the new year. Give them a try!


    5. Next by Nature: Dark Chocolate Bananas 

Two of my favorite things…chocolate and ‘nanas! Chocolate isn’t half as bad when you involve fruit with it amiright? lol This sweet treat is a great alternative for eating the whole chocolate cake…and ice cream…


Pop these little sugars in your mouth when you’re having a craving to curb that desire to be a fatty.


*Foodie Pro-Tip: Pop these in the freezer….your welcome. 🙂


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