Bay 34th St: Bringing the BK to the Big D

Hey Foodies,

We missed you just as much as much as you missed us. It has only been a week since we last spoke, but we know how hard that week must have been without us…. 🙂

Well we have just been busy eating away so we have so much to tell you about!

You must know by now how much we loooove our good friend named pizza. If you don’t, please get your life together and have several seats. Our love for carbs has opened many doors for us to consume this lovely treat at many different restaurants. The most recent place is a new spot called Bay 34th St. Pizzeria.


This little gem is ran by a real Italian man from the BK, famously known as the home of Jay-Z, the Nets and last but not least good ole Brooklyn Style Pizza. Owner Tim Arjon decided to bring his family’s pizza business to Farmers Branch and thank God he did!!


For starters we had the antipasto salad and Jamaican beef patties. The antipasto was served with their house made Italian dressing that was bursting with flavor.


If you try this dressing you will never want to buy Kraft, Newman’s, or frankly any other brand again.

The beef patties were tasty, but were a little different than what we are used to.


The patties were larger and the dough was not as crispy like ones we have had in the past at Jamaican restaurants. We did not get that nostalgic feeling when we bit into them. We assume that maybe they are just done differently in the BK.


Now time for the pizza! We of course had to try a couple of different pies to get a clear picture of what Bay 34th is all about. The first one that caught our eyes was the Buffalo Chicken pizza.


This is the pizza that you get when you are craving wings and chicken at the same time. The pizza is served on a New York style crust that is light and crisp, and this buffalo chicken pizza was phenomenal. It was not greasy, but it is drowned in hot sauce and mounds of oooey gooey cheese. See below if you don’t believe us. lol


It was truly love at first bite. Tim is a wonderful man and talented Pizza Guru. Thank you for that blessing! #neverwasthesame


Next up on the table was the stuffed pizza.


The garlic herb crusted pizza was filled to the brim with sausage, pepperoni, onion, pepper and cheese making it great! The best part about the meat at Bay 34th is that is made with turkey and beef only. So for our non-pork eating foodies this is the pizza for you.


We made the wise decision to get dessert as if we did not have enough carbs already.


We tried the Italian Cream Cake and their Cannoli’s. The cake alone was a little oily, but the cream was delish!!!


The cannoli shells were heavy compared to what we have had before.


The desserts overall were ok, but the pizza is what will keep us coming back for more.

So foodie friends, stop by By 34t Street Pizzeria and let us know what you think! You for sure gotta try that buffalo chicken pizza! We promise it’ll change your life. lol


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