Mas Tacos Por Favor: Tacos Y Mas

Hey Foodies,

We hope you have been keeping up with our eating adventures, because this week we have a treat for you.

As you may know Street Tacos have been a passion of ours for a while now, and our friends at Tacos Y Mas just add to our addiction.


We have had maaaany a taco in our nearly 25 years on earth. Being from Texas, there is a pretty much a taco joint/stand/taqueria on almost every corner. Tacos y Mas is authentic, but throws a “So-Cal” vibe onto some of their tacos.


Jose, one of the managers there, made sure we were well taken care of. He will remind you of your favorite uncle that gives you whatever you want and who the heck doesn’t love that uncle?? We munched on their fresh salsa, queso and guacamole while we took a minute to decide on what tacos to eat.


We chose to get about 12 different tacos. Now…. before you go judging us, our friend Jessica aka “Jessy-Bear” was with us and you may remember her previous blogs. We thought it would only be fair for us to try just about every taco they offer so we could give them a proper review. *insert smiling emoji* lol


I love Chilaquiles which is a Mexican dish that is tortilla chips cooked down in spicy chilis and topped with a fried egg.


Sometimes people like to get real wild and thrown on some chicken or pork. I have had them at a few places,  but NO ONE can make them better than one of the prep ladies at my old job named Sophia. I am here to tell you all that Tacos y Mas came pretty freaking close. I told Jose to make them as if he were to eat the Chilaquiles. The right amount of heat and fried just brought it all together. It is rare that I eat rice and beans, but these were delicious and had a little kick from the spice.


Out of all the tacos, we really enjoyed the traditional barbacoa street tacos.


The meat was tender and seasoned just like we like it. I honestly don’t think they could have been any better. We also tried their mahi tacos, the fish was dry and lacked flavor.


The shrimp tacos were for sure a hit at the table. We enjoyed every bite that we took.


The best part of this entire meal was the ending. Our new friend Jose came out and suggested dessert, with full stomachs and pants partially unbuttoned, we decided to go for it. He said the ever popular C word out in the streets….CHURROS.


Words are beginning to fail me, but just know if everyone in the world started their day with one of these Churros, the world would truly be a better place. In the middle of this cinnamon-sugar-doughy-goodness was a volcano full of hot caramel.


India and I decided to only eat half of ours and save the rest for later it was like an awesome date you did not want to end. Jessica gobbled hers down but I know she regretted that decision shortly after. Jose also bought us a Tres Leches cake and I was so in love with the Churros I do not even remember what the cake was like.


Just know I woke up 1 am and demolished what was left of the Churro I had.

You have to go check them out and try out some delicious tacos, but most importantly..those churros..and let them know the EATS Blog sent you!  🙂


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