EATS Goes Indian

Hello Foodies!

Sorry we have neglected you all, but we have been busy eating as usual. Any who…we have come to bring you another food treat!

Recently, we went to Underground Indian Cuisine located in Irving. As the name states, the restaurant is actually underground.


We walked in and grabbed ourselves a booth right next to the the buffet.


We didn’t want to be too far away from the food. lol


The smells walking in were intoxicating. The various spices that were in the air literally made our mouths water. We decided to just go ahead and take a stab at the wall length buffet filled with Indian delights.

We could smell fresh naan baking and requested to have a basket of that for the table. It was delicious to say the least.


This honestly was the best naan I think we both have ever had and we both agreed on that. It was so fresh and warm. It made the perfect little blanket to grab foods from our plates. 🙂

At the buffet, we decided to really get a little bit of everything that was offered there. Here is an overview of both of our plates. *Warning salvation may ensue.*


DSC_4653We thoroughly enjoyed our food. Everything was so spicy and flavorful.

The fresh fruit at the end was also a great addition.


We gobbled that down after we finished our meals. Underground Indian Cuisine is a great way to get your Indian food fix for a great price. The never ending line of chicken tandori, basmati rice and our new fav Chicken 65 really just put a pep in our step that day.


We ended our Underground trip by going to the nearest Tiff Treats and getting a couple of treats for the road.



Great Indian and the yummiest cookies in town are what we call a great day. For all of our Dallas Foodies out there, Underground is a great Indian spot and we definitely recommend getting there right at 12:00pm when the buffet is good and fresh. You do not want to miss out on the goodness so plan ahead.



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