Coconut Crazy – Coconut’s Fish Cafe

Hey Foodies!

We are definitely on a foodie rush from our latest adventure. We made a trip out to Plano to visit Coconut’s Fish Café and boy do we have a good one for you. Coconut’s Fish Cafe is a franchise with four locations located in the United States, but they started in Hawaii almost 7 years ago. Since then, they have grown tremendously and a father and son duo opened their own store last year in Plano.


We got to meet Nathan who is the General Manager along with his dad, and you can tell he his very passionate about what he does. Well..that’s enough chit chat. Let’s get to the EATS!!!

We wanted to get a variety of things, so of course when we saw the ahi poke we knew that it had to make its way to our table somehow. Imagine fresh chunks of tuna tossed with soy sauce, garlic and green onions.


The tuna was fresh, and with a little drop of wasabi, it was perfect. The tuna was cut a little too thick for us, but trust us this plate was still licked cleaned.


Next on the coconut train was their infamous fish tacos. These tacos were amazing!!!  The tacos had mahi, ono, cheese, tomato, coleslaw and mango salsa…we know a little weird..but trust us, it was delicious and we ate every bit.


The corn tortillas added the perfect crunch and an extra depth of flavor in each bite. The mango salsa on top had the perfect amount of sweetness. The portions are huuuge, so one taco will do the job!!

As if we did not already have enough carbs, we decide to add to the carb frenzy and try their seafood pasta.


The seafood pasta reminded us of Grandma’s chicken spaghetti but with a twist. It was very rich and had a comfort style feel to it. Large grilled shrimp, creamy sauce with mushrooms and chunks of fish, it was the perfect way to end the meal..except we kept eating lol.

Last but maybe least was the grilled mahi and rice. A char grilled filet of mahi over brown rice with a wasabi sauce drizzled on top.


The mahi was a little dry, but the wasabi sauce helped it out a little. Compared to the other things we ate it was pretty simple and just ok. This is the dish for the person who is health conscious or not an adventurous eater.


Coconut’s Fish Café has a great family atmosphere and the food is delish. It is a perfect summer spot too, because the food is fresh and not too heavy..well some of it. We definitely recommend this for families, a spot for a great lunch date or before you and the girl’s go hit up the mall. We enjoyed our visit and can not wait to go back.


Check out and visit Coconut’s Cafe and let us know what you think!

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