Calling All Bacon Lovers: Bacon Boxes

Hey Food Friends! We are back at it again to bring you another treat! One word: BACON.


We found Bacon Boxes from the gram and knew that was something we had to try ASAP!

With Bacon Boxes, you get a delicious piece of bacon from a berkshire hog that has been raised au naturale. For all you health conscious foodies, you can rest assured your pig will be free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics! Cheers for heathy pork right?!

The best part is that Bacon Boxes cures their meat in house and then smoke it by hand…Man if only we had one day to experience that up close and personal. lol

Each slice of bacon is wrapped into a shape of a beautiful rose and dipped into something delectable.


Yaaaaas! We got the sampler box, and the packaging was too cute!!

Inside of the box there were 4 bacon rosettes and the flavor included:

  •  1 Barrel Aged
  • 1 Dark Chocolate
  • 1 Original
  • 1 Smores


As swine connoisseurs, we were super hype about trying this out. The bacon was so delish! The smoke infused into their meat was divine. The favorite for sure was the dark chocolate. We could be biased due to our minor obsession with dark chocolate. The salty and sweet ratio was the perfect combination and not too overwhelming!

Bacon Boxes is a great gift for anyone who loves a good piece of pork! They offer a variety of choices that will fit anyones preferences.

Make sure to check out Bacon Boxes and let us know what you think! 🙂


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