DFW Chicken Food Crawl 2016

Hey Foodies!

We are back at it again with another food adventure. This time though we may/may not have gone too far. lol

As if we don’t already eat chicken enough, we decided to take a whole day and dedicate it to eating chicken.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.36.30 PM

We were not alone on this food journey, we had fellow foodie and lifestyle blogger Deb Manusama from MozDeb along for the food ride. I did not think anyone loved chicken as much as we did, but Deb is pretty close.  We chose 5 restaurants and went to town. I am not sure how we even made it, but God clearly was looking out for us.

First stop was at Gang Jung Chicken to try their Korean Fried Chicken.


This will probably the only time you will see us talking about “KFC.” Since this was the beginning, we didn’t want to go all in during the first stop lol. We reviewed the menu and decided on the Spicy Gang Jung and the Soy Garlic wings.


So…..the Spicy Gang Jung was for sure the best out of the two. The wings had a great flavor along with the perfect amount of spice.


Gang Jung Chicken is very affordable as well. Each order of wings comes with a side of your choice. Gang Jung was for sure a great start to a day full of eating.

The Island Spot was next on the agenda. For this one they took us to all the way to Jamaica on a chicken cruise.


All we were missing was the rum punch and a collection of beautiful dreaded men with accents, but that is neither here nor there. This chicken was phenomenal. It’s marinated for days and then smoked until the meat is tender. No need for a fork, this chicken literally melts in your mouth.


The skin was extremely flavorful. We honestly could have had a plate of that alone and would have been satisfied. The best part of the Island Spot is that the portion sizes are a great match to the price. The music selection has you jamming in your seats, this is a great date night spot for sure.

Next up was good ole Ida Claire in Addison. We came here right around brunch time and we all were pleasantly surprised with how bright and open the space looked.


I don’t think any of us had ever seen the restaurant opened to the patio and it was beautiful. We got the menu and and decided on 3 chicken dishes that caught our eyes: the Chicken Brioche, Chicken and Waffles and the Nashville Hot Chicken.


The Chicken Brioche was the crowd favorite. The sandwich was delish! The chicken inside was so juicy and had the perfect amount of crunch with each bite.


Next was for sure Chicken and Waffles.


We were all surprised to see that the waffles had bacon and syrup hidden underneath the chicken. Between the three of us, that waffle didn’t stand a chance. We were sad to see that Ida Claire changed their chicken and waffles and no longer offered the bone in chicken option. They also added a gravy that goes on top of it as well. Ida Claire, we hope you go back to the original recipe because it was definitely missed!

Last at Ida Claire was the Nashville Hot Chicken.


This was not as flavorful as we were expecting. When we think hot chicken, we want a crispy fried bird seasoned perfectly and dreched in a spice filled sauce. This chicken was a little too greasy which became a lot when trying to eat the dish.


With a little bit of improvement, this dish can be great! Ida Claire is a little more pricey, but it is still great choice! The portion sizes are perf for sharing, especially for a Saturday Brunch.

At this point, we all were ready to tap out because our stomachs were filled way past capacity. BUT….the show must go on. 🙂

Next was Social House. We tried the Bourbon Butter Chicken which is served with roasted fingerling potatoes and greens.


This was a simple dish done right! Everyone agreed it tasted like a delicious rotisserie chicken. Social House threw us for a small loop with the greens, they were amazing. Think Grandma’s house for Sunday Dinner.


We did want a little more bourbon flavor in the butter, but the dish was very affordable! We would not mind eating that again.

Lastly was L&L L&L Hawaiian Bbq…….this was a bit of a let down. When we planned this food crawl we wanted to do different types of food and Hawaiian was a obvious choice.


We went with the bbq chicken with garlic rice. This was a disappointment to say the least, the chicken was dry and almost put us in sugar shock. Foodies, I thought I had the “sugars” for a brief moment.  It was a deep red color all throughout the meat which had us all a little worried.


The upside to this trip was the garlic rice, it was India’s favorite. She is obsessed with garlic so it was right up her alley. When we originally  walked in the smell was extremely enticing so we were all excited. Sadly, when we left that day the feeling was long gone! The price is great, but the flavor was not up to par.

We had a great run during our 2016 DFW Chicken Crawl. We hope you enjoyed all the food porn we provided for you and please go and check out these restaurants and let us know your feedback!

Happy Eating!

-The EATS Blog


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