A Little Taste of Houston in Dallas

Hey Foodies!

If you follow us on our social media accounts, then you had to have seen the multiple pics of crawfish we have been posting.


We got the chance to join the folks from Crawfish and Brews when they came to Dallas and boy did we have a good time. The bugs were big and the beer was just right!!


Crawfish and Brews started when a couple of friends took a fun spring time tradition and took it on the road. They bring all the fun of a crawfish boil paired with some awesome brews from your local Brewery. Community Beer Co was the home for the Dallas party. We had never been but we saw why they picked it so much space to hang out and eat. Dallas was the second stop they made this year after Houston. The weather was perfect and the smell of Cajun spices were in the air.

We got 3 tickets for beer, but being that we aren’t college frat boys, those did not go very fast. We tried the Razz and the Wientberg. I mean, you can’t go wrong with those light and crisp flavors. The crawfish were juicy and big just like we like, though we added a little spice to ours they were fine how they served them.




A girl can’t live on crawfish alone, so there were a couple of food trucks to ease our inner fat girl cravings.


We saw wings and we nearly lost our minds.



You would think we would be tired of chicken considering we dedicated a whole weekend to eating nothing but that, buuuuut #ornah.

After we cleaned up from our mini crawfish party, we made a move for Truck MCK to try their house made wings and duck fat fries.

Initially we were not fans of the wings, but as we started to eat more it grew on us. They smoke the wings and then fry them and toss them in a sauce. It was a little too sweet but the smokiness of the wing balanced it out.


Those fries though…..YASSSSS!!!!! So crispy and dipping the fried in the wing sauce was the best part.


When Crawfish and Brews makes their way back out to Dallas next year we will definitely be first in line. It is a great atmosphere for kids as well, but it is perf for a day out with friends.

-The EATS Blog


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