Latest Pizza Fix: Earl’s 377

Hey there food friends! We went on an adventure out to Argyle, Texas to check out the new pizza joint in town Earl’s 377!


Earl’s 377 is owned by the the same owners of one of our favorites Barley and Board. The venue is super cute. You can tell the decor was well thought out.


We learned that it was previously a fire station and still had the numbers from the firehouse throughout the restaurant.


The details throughout were impeccable and very chic.

Now on to the good stuff, THE FOOD!!

First we decided to start off with a couple apps to get our tummies ready for the main course. ­čÖé

The “Earl’s Meatballs” came out first. ┬áThe meatballs come topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil.


To be honest, the meatballs were definitely overcooked. That was definitely a downer. They had a great flavor though! Seasoned perfectly for sure. They would have been great if they weren’t overcooked though.

The second appetizer we had to try was the crawfish and artichoke dip. Creamy and spicy all in one this dish was a hit! We thought it was weird for their to be a “cajun style” app in a Italian restaurant but these folks are genius!


Next we were off to the main event…PIZZA!

We ended up getting the Hawaiian, Yukon Gold and the Chicken and Artichoke.

The Hawaiian was definitely our favorite of the three. The pizza features crushed tomatoes bacon, fresh jalape├▒os, cilantro, sweet onions and crushed pineapple.


This pizza was yummy! The fresh jalape├▒os on top alongside the crushed pineapple added the perf sweet + heat combination. We loveeeee all things spicy so this was a crowd pleaser.

Next was the Yukon Gold. Imagine if a baked potato and a pizza came together and had a baby and that is exactly what this pizza is.


Here is a pro-tip: add crushed red on top. You’ll thank us later. ­čÖé

The Chicken and Artichoke pizza was for sure our least favorite. It for sure lacked flavor and could have used some salt and pepper. We prefer spinach to be cooked in with the sauce or added fresh on top. Just cooking it on top of the pie burned it and that was not pleasant at all.


Earl’s also offers dessert pizzas. Like can it get any better than that?

We got the Crostada di Mele Pizza which featured a doughy crust topped with apples, oatmeal crumb, vanilla sweet cream sauce and powdered sugar.


This was soon good! The doughiness of the bread paired perfectly with the tasty apple crumble on top. Our suggestion would be to add a caramel drizzle and a fat scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Earl’s makes everything fresh, they do not even have a freezer in the restaurant! Our genius ice cream idea pretty got thrown out of the window but we appreciate their commitment to using fresh product. Next time we go we will get the apple pizza to go and get a pint or three and have at it.


We had a great time at Earl’s 377 and we hope you do too! If you go for a visit, let us know what you think!



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