Back To The Ranch

Hey Foodies!

Long time, no read….. forgive us but we have been eating a bunch so we can have some good stuff for you. Before we say anything else if you are in the DFW area you need to make your way to The Ranch in Las Colinas….it’s amazing!!


With that being said let’s get to the EATS!!

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Las Colinas aka Irving and embarked on one of the best meals we have ever had. The Ranch specializes in farm to fork cuisine and all of their products are locally sourced and brought right to their restaurant. They even make fresh cornbread everyday as well as delectable desserts from scratch and BOY are they good!!!


We started our meal off with a couple of appetizers and drinks. I mean, what else were you expecting?

Oh and our server’s name was Michael Newby, he was awesome and pretty much everything we ate was because he suggested it. You could for sure tell he had the foodie spirit!

The first thing we had was the Texas lump crab dip!! The name speaks for itself. The dip included lovely lumps of crab and plenty of creamy goodness.


The bread that came with it was not our favorite though. It was a little too hard and didn’t offer much flavor.

The 44 farms beef belly sliders were next on the agenda, they were so tender and topped with a crisp slaw. 


These little babies were so good but it was more like brisket to us than beef belly. No Shade to the Ranch, but we have had beef belly and that was not what we were used to. We ate every last bite though trust that!

Michael was very excited about the flatbread, so of course how could we say no? We heard house smoked sausage and goat cheese, um yes please!


The flatbread had a smoky flavor and was topped with peppers and arugula. Definitely was  a party in our mouths for sure.


The Ranch makes their own hot sauce fresh everyday. Forget Louisiana, Franks  or whatever your Grandma makes because this stuff was delicious. We hate to be basic, but we put it on pretty much everything we ate.

After all the carbs we ate, Michael snuck a salad on our plates. It was a wedge salad, so not much nutritional value there, but on the yummy scale it was a 10!


The Ranch serves their wedge with a blue cheese vinaigrette, tomatoes, chopped eggs, bacon and blue cheese crumbles. The vinaigrette was a pleasant twist because it made the salad not as heavy as most wedge salads tend to be.  Christa is not a blue cheese fan, but she killed that salad in no time.

If you are wondering if we were still able to eat after all food, that the answer is BARELY!! Buuuuut being the professional eaters we are, we kept going because…food!!

I got the garlic stuffed filet mignon and that was bae!! I love garlic and this was right up my alley.


The steak was cooked at a perfect medium rare and it was served with a twist on your traditional potato salad. It comes warm and had a mustard flavor to it. I was pleasantly surprised because it paired well with the garlic stuffed filet and shrimp.

Christa got the lamb chops.


They serve the chops with oyster mushrooms, butternut squash and cipollini onions which complimented the lamb and added a slight sweetness to the dish.


I could tell she was in love because she cleaned that plate with absolutely no problem. lol

We chose to get a couple of their sides which included the mac and cheese, the goat cheese grits and brussel sprouts. They ran out of the brussel sprouts, so they brought us the farro to replace it. We were super excited about the mac and cheese and it honestly was just alright, nothing to shout about though.


As for the grits they were good! Reminded us of Sunday morning at Grandmas house good!


The farro was simply just farro. We ate it, but we wanted those sprouts.


Again we struggled through the meat sweats and made it to sugar town. Michael said that we had to try the cinnamon roll crust pecan pie. I’m pretty sure Christa almost kissed him when he said that.The Ranch makes a pecan pie with a cinnamon roll crust….there is a God!!


We knew Jesus preformed miracles but this was better than turning the water to wine and for sure better than anything your Grandma can make. *sorry nana*


Of course that was not only the dessert we had. Since I’m allergic to nuts, I had to get the sticky toffee cake. The cake was delicious and the fresh whipped cream they provided was refreshing and a great edition.


We also had some of their fried pies as well.


The pies were light and airy, filled with a fresh fruit compote which was served alongside good ole Henry’s ice cream with a caramel rum sauce.


If you have not learned anything from this food adventure, remember this…GO TO THE RANCH AND EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

Until next time foodies, keep eating!!


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