Fresh Food In A Snap 

Hey Foodies,

We hope you enjoyed our last eating adventure at Blaze Pizza. This week we tried some new menu items from Snap Kitchen. If you aren’t familiar with Snap Kitchen, they specialize in healthy food for those on the go.


The meals are portioned out so you know exactly what you are getting. The best part is you don’t have to cook anything. All you need is a microwave and you are ret to go! We had Snap Kitchen made a food drop at India’s house recently and we demolished it in a matter of minutes. Just as fast as we heated it we ate it.

Nothing like eating healthy food and watching reality tv on a Sunday. 😎

Snap has everything from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. You can even find a healthier option for snacks and drinks. You can pick up a meal or entire days worth of food in one stop.

Let’s get to the EATS!!!

As we said before Snap just rolled out new items and we tried about 6 of them. We had our favs and the first was of course a taco. At this point you shouldn’t be surprised when we blog about pizza or tacos.

The taco was served on a gluten free tortilla filled with tender pieces of brisket and veggies. They served it with a side of salsa and a cashew cream to go with it. We could have done without the cream, but the salsa was right nice! Cheers to another gluten free item we didn’t hate, that calls for a celebration.

Our second fav was the Sweet Potato and Brisket hash. Ya’ll the Lord is good!! This hash had us pumped for sure. Diced sweet potato, brisket, cabbage, jalapeños and poblanos for a kick. This was a no brainer. Sign us up for anything with carbs, meat and spice!!


The turkey stuffed peppers was for sure a fav. It was a little nostalgic because it was a dish we grew up on. Both of our moms made these growing up, but Snap put a healthy twist to it. The pepper was sweet and filled with ground turkey and plenty of veggies. This is a perfect dinner item for the family.



We had the breakfast scramble as well, nothing special but it was tasty. Sweet potatoes and beef sausage mixed with an assortment of colorful vegetables. Like we said great, but nothing compared to what we’ve had before.

The Coconut Curry Beef was def a let down.  It was something missing, things just weren’t poppin with this one. It didn’t taste like curry to us. We were a tad disappointed with this dish.

Snap Kitchen is killing the game for sure. They have stores all over the metroplex and throughout a couple of States as well.  Their most recent opening was in Funky Town aka Ft. Worth.

For all you “free” folks (gluten free, dairy free and paleo) this is your spot! They have different portion sizes and everything is labeled so you know what you are eating and most of all it’s fresh. We may not eat healthy all the time, but Snap is on our radar when we do.

-The EATS Blog


P.S. If you haven’t noticed, the blog got a little liposuction so check her out!!


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