Bread Winners Past Brunch

Hey Foodies!

Yeah, yeah we know. We have been MIA for a while…but we have been busy eating away so don’t judge us!

We came to spill the tea about our fabulous dinner at Bread Winners in North Park.

I know you are thinking, “Waaait a minute. DINNER?!? At Bread Winners?? They do that?” The answer is YES!

Bread Winners is more than just one of your brunch favorites! With over 23 years in the restaurant business, this company is known for delicious food done right. Most of us can be found there brunching on the weekend and haven’t even thought to venture out and try out their dinner options.


Well go ahead and add their dinner menu as things you must try out! The fresh and complex flavor profiles of each of their new dinner menu items had our table wanting more. Make sure to step outside the bubble and check out Bread Winners delicious options outside of brunch hours. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Check out the food porn below and make sure not to salivate all over your screen.



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