The “Skinny ” on SkinnyPizza in Addison

Yes, you are reading this right and you aren’t hallucinating…the EATS Blog is back!

Wow, honestly we really missed you all, and we came back to bring you the scoop on SkinnyPizza in Addison.

So here is the skinny on SkinnyPizza!


After a run around the beautiful Addison Circle it was time for some eats! Skinny Pizza offers a variety of Italian inspired dishes but with a healthy twist.



There, you can expect to have all natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives. So we wouldn’t feel so bad having pizza after a run right? So of course SkinnyPizza is the perfect place to get that pizza craving fix without having to dread all the calories later.

Here, you can choose from one of the 12 original flavors or you can build your own!

Of course we had to try both options.

First up was the SkinnyVeggie that we opted to get on gluten free crust. This one was absolutely delicious! The pizza was piled high with toooons of delicious vegetables that had the perfect crunch still and weren’t overdone. *Pro Tip: You NEED to add the roasted garlic to your pie. You won’t regret it!* 



Secondly, decided to build our own. We decided to keep it simple and try a pie with chicken, turkey bacon, mozzarella and pesto.


It was simple and most importantly delicious!


Another fun addition is you can add a drizzle of one of their delicious sauces in what we dubbed “The Sauce Bar.” The blue cheese on top of the veggie pizza was to diiiie for!


Head on over to SkinnyPizza and let us know what you think! We for sure will be back to try out some pasta dishes next!

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