Staycation Weekend in Denton, Texas #dentontakeover

Some weekends are spent chilling with bae and some are spent with your fav foodie friends eating way too much.

If you know us, you know we recently experienced the latter. We spent a smooth 2 days in our old stopping grounds in Denton, TX, (Go Mean Green! 🦅) eating until it was time to go home.

Where did we stay you ask?

Well we stayed in the cutest AirBnb house located out in the quaint little city of Argyle. This Colorado ski lodge vibes but in our backyard in Texas. If you are confused as to why we decided to staycation there, check out these awesome pictures of the location!  

To give you a little background on the house, it’s available on AirBnb to rent out for as long as you need. On the lower level, the house comes with 3 bedrooms, a full size kitchen, washer and dryer and a greenroom that is perfect for photo ops. The top level has a pull out bed and tons of games for the staycationers to indulge in. The old school gaming system is the nostalgic icing on the cake that makes this place awesome!


Now we can’t have a staycation without alcohol right?! Thanks to the good folks at Calamity Legendary Gin, we were gifted a bottle of Title No. 21 Whiskey, Nue Vodka and of course their Calamity Legendary Gin. These made for great pre-dinner cocktails!

Food of course was included on the agenda, so here is the rundown of everywhere we ate during our Denton Weekend Staycation.

LSA Burger

If you know anything about Denton, you know the square is one of the best spots in town. There is always live music, affordable drinks and great food. LSA Burger has a great selection of beers on tap, apps and of course all things burgers!

The brisket queso is a must try, and you can’t go wrong with parmesan fries!

Paschall Bar

Above the local Denton scene sits the small world of Paschall. We say small world because that’s what it is. They have a strict limit of how many people can be in at a time, making the location ultra exclusive to those lucky enough to enter. They have everything from old fashions to sazeracs. While there, we tried a variety of there drinks. Paschall’s is definitely a must stop during any visit to Denton, Texas.


Barley and Board

We have been in love with this place since they opened back in 2015, so you know we had to make a stop here for Sunday brunch. We had a full experience of menu items and left no dish behind! If you every are in the area during a trip to Denton, Texas, make sure to stop by Barley and Board for an unforgettable brunch experience.

EATS Blog-Barley and Board BrunchEATS Blog _ Oyster Frittata_Barley and BoardEATS Blog_Fried Quail Barley and BoardEATS Blog_Barley and Board Burger

Bumbershoot Bbq

Bumbershoot is one the newer spots to open in Argyle, Texas and we absolutely love it. The restaurant cooks up some impeccable barbecue favorites that will definitely leave you wanting more. Crowd favorite for everyone was the loaded tots. These babies are piled high in a boat, topped with chopped brisket, cheese, sour cream and jalapeños and are destined to become your next guilty pleasure.

EATS Blog_Loaded Tots Bumbershoot BBQ

At Bumbershoot, you really can’t go wrong! Any item you choose off the menu is sure to be a winner!

EATS Blog_ Bumbershoot Barbecue

Earl’s 377

Earl’s 377 is famously known for their pizza, but this time we decided to venture off the beaten path and try out some of their pasta options this visit.

EATS Blog_Earls 377 Pasta

Earl’s 377 pasta is just as legit and their creative pies. Their spaghetti and meatballs dish is big enough to feed a small family, or a regular food blogger like ourselves. Their lasagna was a group favorite as well. It was flavorful and was reminiscent of an authentic version.

EATS Blog_ Earls 377 Lasagna

Although the Denton weekend staycation trip was a short one, it was spent gaining weight and hanging with some of our favorite foodie friends. Keep your eyes peeled because we see another takeover on the horizon. We are ready to see what other cities we can devour!

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