EATS of the Month, May 2019

Hey Guys! India here. *insert wave*

This month was filled with lots of adventure. I had to travel for work, and also took a mini trip to Atlanta to visit my cousin. Within this blog, I would like to highlight some of my favorite EATS I encountered throughout the month of “traveling”. (Some images are also not with my professional camera and from my phone, so no judging. lol) Okay, let’s get to the EATS!

EATS Blog - Downtown Chicago Views

Atlanta, Georgia Best EATS 

  • Milk and Honey – Atlanta, GA  

I went to Atlanta with high hopes of the dishes I would get to eat. Unfortunate, I was more than underwhelmed during my visit. One place I did enjoy however was Milk and Honey!

EATS Blog - Milk and Honey Atlanta

Child, you better get there BEFORE the doors open, because if not, you will be waiting down the street to get a plate. My cousin and I arrived literally 5 minutes after the restaurant opened and had to wait in a line that was already well out the door. This meal was the best one in the Atlanta area by far! Those corn grits they had underneath the lobster tail were everything! Soooo creamy and flavorful. Get the pitcher of mimosas and go to town on any of the menu options! You will leave there more than satisfied for sure.

EATS Blog -Milk and Honey Atlanta

  • Old Lady Gang – Atlanta, GA 

After many years of watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise, it was obvious that I had to stop by Old Lady Gang for a bite to eat. The meal overall was pretty solid. I honestly enjoyed every part of my meal and have no complaints.

EATS Blog - Old Lady Gang Atlanta

(I am convinced they marinade their chicken in like garlic and jalapeño juice. lol)

Don’t forget to have a cocktail too while you’re there, they are packed with just the perfect amount of potency for the price!

Chicago, IL Best EATS 

  • Giordanos Pizza – Chicago, IL

You can’t go to Chicago without getting a deep dish pizza! I scoured the internet for a place to get my pie from and stumbled upon Giordanos.

EATS Blog - Giordanos Neon Sign Chicago

We settled on their signature Chicago Classic Deep Dish which is stuffed with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and of course loads and loads of cheeeeese. *drooling*

EATS Blog - Giordanos Chicago

  • Hoyt’s American Tavern – Chicago, IL

Last but certainly not least is Hoyt’s American Tavern. The first night there, I was a little nervous to venture out by myself, so I decided to try out the hotel’s restaurant on the bottom floor. I am soon happy I did, because I had what I still consider the best wings in my entire life! The wings are smoked and grilled and then coated in this phenomenal brown butter sauce. After the first bite, my eyes lit up with joy. THIS WAS AMAZING. 

EATS Blog - Hoyt's Tavern Chicago

I may catch a flight just to have a bite of those wings one more time.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s EATS of the Month! See you again next month for a list of our Dallas faves. 🙂



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